Why E&W?

Why E&W? (Food Tour Experts)


Why Eat & Walkabout?

Our food & walking expert guides have been scouting out for years the best places to walk and eat all different types of gastronomy in between the stops! A Father and Son Duo of Guides! We are located in Cangas, do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain with an office in the co-working space of Trebella - Espazo de Traballo.

We want to show you a different side of the destinations we cover, the Slow Way Food Touring! Starting close to home we have been busy developing unique Slow Way Food Tours. See more here about Eat & Walkabout´s Touring Style.

Our stomping ground is the Southern Rias Baixas coast of Galicia which then follows along the River Miño wine country on both sides of the river in Galicia & Portugal. Walk along the country roads and even cross over the bridge walking into another country!

Beyond Galicia & Northern Portugal we have searched for the best guides and tour providers to partner with and offer similar Slow Food Touring in all destinations that E&W covers.

Tailor-made Tours curated by Experts

After 25+ years of designing unique itineraries, our team can create just about any type of tailor-made customized tour to Spain & Portugal. If you are a travel agent or tour operator our DMC Incoming services can help arrange FIT´s for your client´s travel needs.

A Message from our founder Sean...

I have decided it is time to use my year´s of knowledge in the travel industry to build an experience-based marketplace so we can collaborate with other like-minded partners offering the best food, wine/drink and walking related experiences around the world! This is how Eat & Walkabout was born.

Together with my son Tiernan, we plan to show visitors the slow way to experience the food, culture, nature, etc... of our selected destinations! Come with us on an Eat & Walkabout!

What does Eat & Walkabout mean?

We came up with this name by combining two of our favourite activities or experiences that go so well together…

EAT: Eating is such a pleasure in life if done right! Let us show you how to eat right and experience a destination through its food culture.


WALKABOUT: Walking is the perfect balance after all the eating! Enjoy picturesque walks either through rolling vineyards, coastal paths, river trails, urban streets, etc…

Going for a “Walkabout” has different meanings in different parts of the world eg…

  • British: An informal stroll among a crowd conducted by an important visitor.
  • Australian: A journey (originally on foot) undertaken by an Australian Aboriginal in order to live in the traditional manner and be in contact with nature.
  • by Crocodile Dundee: A spontaneous journey through the wilderness of one´s choosing in an effort to satisfy one´s itchy feet, a need to be elsewhere, the craving for the open road, that space over the horizon...yes... something like that... you can´t quite touch it so you have to go find it because it´s you just know it´s there...Or maybe it just feels good to go walking around ... :wink: Yeah. It´s WALKABOUT. 

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