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Why go on holidays to Porto Moniz? 

Porto Moniz is in the northern part of the Island of Madeira and stands as a captivating municipality that showcases the island´s natural wonders and cultural richness. The imposing mountains and the endless Atlantic Ocean create amazing scenery in this region. The charm of Porto Moniz is further emphasized by its quaint parishes, where you can get to know the customs and traditions.

Porto Moniz is named after Francisco Moniz O Velho, one of Madeira´s early settlers and an aristocrat from the Algarve region. The term "Porto" translates to "port" in Portuguese, emphasizing the town´s coastal character.

Due to the unique geography of the island, Porto Moniz remained somewhat secluded from the rest of Madeira for an extended period. Historically, it was a whaling town until the 1980s, relying on maritime activities for economy and nourishment.

As of today, Porto Moniz despite its historical isolation, the town has evolved into a vibrant community for holidays in Madeira, showcasing a blend of coastal heritage and contemporary living. 

Grape varieties of the wine region in Porto Moniz 

In the picturesque town of Porto Moniz, wine lovers and enthusiasts are also treated to a unique and delightful experience with two different popular varieties in this region – Sercial and Verdelho.

Sercial, known locally as "Esgano Cão" or "dog strangler" on the Portuguese mainland, lives up to its reputation with its pale and dry characteristics. As the palest of the classical Madeira varieties, Sercial wines are celebrated for their fiery, mouth puckering acidity. These dry, light bodied wines exhibit exceptional freshness and present intense, vibrant aromas. As time went by, the colour of Sercial deepened to a rich amber hue. The vineyards covering over 25 hectares in Porto Moniz are strategically planted on the south coast in Jardim da Serra, at an altitude ranging from 600 to 700 meters, as well as on the north coast in Porto Moniz, Ponta Delgada, and Seixal, situated at altitudes of 150 to 200 meters.

On the other hand, Verdelho offers a recognizable contrast with its gold coloured, elegant wines that boast a tropical and exotic character. The Verdelho grapes carry moderate sugar levels and a pronounced acidity, resulting in the production of medium dry fortified wines. The vineyards extend over 58 hectares and are primarily located in the cooler climates of the North, growing in regions such as Porto Moniz, Ponta Delgada, Seixal, and Sao Vicente at altitudes around 400 meters. On the south coast, this varietal thrives in areas like Raposeira, Prazeres, and Camara de Lobos, reaching altitudes of up to 600 meters.

Porto Moniz travel guide: what to do in Porto Moniz

Visit the Fanal Forest, a Laurissilva Forest, and a botanical treasure that you can see in the highest part of the region. Located in the municipality of Porto Moniz between Ribeira da Janela and Paul da Serra this forest boasts an exceptional abundance of century-old laurel trees, particularly the Ocotea foetens species. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since December 1999, stands as a revered sanctuary of nature with singular beauty. Around this area there are also numerous hiking trails the most popular ones are PR13 Vereda do Fanal and PR14 Levada dos Cedros, these trails invite visitors to connect with the magical nature of the Fanal.

The land and sea have shaped the identity of Porto Moniz, with fishing playing an important role in the local economy since the municipality´s establishment. The deep-rooted connection with the sea is not merely economic but also cultural, manifested in annual celebrations like the "Porto Moniz Sea Week". This event is as a fusion of cultural, recreational, and sporting activities. From thrilling canoe races and competitions to fishing contests and gastronomic exhibitions. Porto Moniz Sea Week represents the community´s enduring relationship with the ocean.

Undoubtedly your holidays to Porto Moniz wouldn´t be complete without enjoying its popular natural pools carved into volcanic rocks. These pools, which are refreshed by crystal clear waters, stand as an important attraction of the municipality. Porto Moniz is a very appealing destination where breathtaking landscapes seamlessly blend with cultural richness, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for its visitors.

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Population: 2,711 (2023) inhabitants

Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz


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