Vigo Food Tour to Eat Your Way along the City Streets

vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-43.jpg Cheese & Wine Tasting in Vigo
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-54.jpg Wine Tasting in Vigo
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-62.jpg Wine Tavern in Vigo
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets10.jpg Spider-Crab Pate with Mencia red wine
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets09.jpg Galician Cheeses, locally-sourced
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-61.jpg Galician Wines
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-40.jpg Seafood tapas in old quarter of Vigo
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-58.jpg Vigo Food Tour
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-55.jpg Galician Empanada Pie
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-63.jpg Croquettes
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-56.jpg Arroz de Marisco (Seafood Rice Fishermen style)
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-57.jpg Arroz de Marisco (Seafood Rice Fishermen style)
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-59.jpg Vigo Food Tour
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-53.jpg Tarta de Santiago (Santiago Almond Cake)
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-52.jpg Santiago Almond Cake & Cañas Cream tubes
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets12.jpg Puerta de Sol (Sun Square), Vigo
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-41.jpg Progresso Seafood Market
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets-60.jpg Fresh fish at the market
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets01.jpg Plaza de la Constitucion (Constitution Square) in Vigo
vigo-food-tour-eat-way-city-streets08.jpg Calle Cesteiros (Wicker-basket street), old town, Vigo

Half Day (Duration: 4hrs. approx.)


Price from: 99.00 euros

On this Vigo food tour, our foodie guide will take you on a food walk through the streets of the new and old parts of the city centre. There is no better way to discover vigo than walking and eating as the local Vigueses do!
  • Taste the locally-sourced Galician food & wines with our Food Expert.
  • Walk the urban streets of Vigo as if you lived here.
  • A visit to Vigo is not complete without trying the Seafood paired with Albariño wine!
  • Slow-paced walking tour to soak in the local atmosphere of this vibrant city.



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Vigo
Duration: Half Day (Duration: 4hrs. approx.)
Type: Small Group Half Day Tours, Private Half Day Tours
Theme: Food & Wine Tours, City & Village Walks
Group Size: 2 to 12 People
Price from: 99.00€


Vigo Food Tour: Taste the best seafood in the world!

If you have never heard of  Vigo it is a city that has always been associated with the Sea and the fruits that come from it! Vigo is the 2nd largest fishing port in the world just behind Tokyo, Japan. A city that faces the bay of Vigo on the Atlantic coast of North-western Spain. It is a hub for people wanting to taste the best seafood in the world! 

On this food tour of Vigo, our foodie guide will take you on a food walk through the streets of the new and old parts of the city centre. There is no better way to discover Vigo than walking and eating as the local Vigueses do. Instead of sitting down in one restaurant to have a 3-course meal, we will visit three different spots offering some of the best food in vigo. 

A visit to Vigo is not complete without taking a look at a local market, in fact, this will be the first stop on our food tour of vigo. The market of Progreso is local in the upper new part of the city, although a newly restored building now it has over 100 years of history offering some of the freshest produce in the city. Daily the fish and seafood; Hake fish, squid, octopus, scallops, etc... are brought up from the fishing port. Not forgetting about the amazing meats, Galician cheeses, vegetables, etc... It is a small but very well-stocked market for the locals of this part of Vigo to get their groceries.

Walking down the Calle Principe (Price Street) the street is lined with designer clothing stores like; Zara, Blanco, Roberto Verino, etc... Arriving at the Plaza del Sol (Sun Square) which connects us to the old fishing quarter of Vigo city. This square is a meeting point in the city with an iconic statue of El Sireno (The Merman) sculpted by the artist Fransico Leiro.

Fernando VII granted Vigo the title of faithful, loyal, and courageous city.

Making our way deeper into the old part of town we arrive at the Plaza de La Constitución (Constitution Square), a square that celebrates every year on the 28th of March the Reconquista de Vigo (Reconquest of Vigo). One of the most important dates in the history of Vigo, as on this date in 1809,  the honest farmers, fishermen, workers, etc.. with their pitchforks, were able to win back their city and repel Napoleon´s troops out of Vigo city.  A year later, Fernando VII granted Vigo the title of faithful, loyal, and courageous city.

Time to sit and share some food and wines in a quaint Galician tavern

After walking the streets of this urban coastal city, it is now time to sit and share some food and wines in a quaint Galician tavern located on the oldest street of the old part of town Calle de Cestieros (Wicker-basket Maker Street). Carmen always has quite a spread of local Galician cheeses prepared for us, like the famous Tetilla cheese! We also taste the gourmet canned spider-crab pate with local crackers. All this alongside the Galician wines of the different Appellations of origin; D.O. Ribeira Sacra, D.O. Ribeiro, etc... We will try both white and red young wines made of local grapes... Mencia, Treixadura, etc... All products are locally sourced from small wine cellars, farms, fishermen, etc... keeping to the Slow Food movement of eating the products as close to home as possible.

On our way to the 2nd stop, we will pass by one of the essential streets in the city called Calle de las Ostras (Oyster Street)  near the A Pedra Market (Stone Market). The name of this street is a dead giveaway, it is the spot to eat seafood, especially Oysters. Here the Oyster men and women come in from the neighbouring village of Arcade where they farm the Oysters in the bay. They are lined up on stone benches with crates of fresh oysters! For those who like raw oysters, you can get some. After that, we will head to a seafood restaurant near the port where you will be treated to a Galician specialty, Arroz de Marisco (Seafood Fisherman´s rice dish). This Galician dish could be confused with Spanish Paella, even called by some a Galician-style paella, but it is quite different since seafood is the flagship including various types of shellfish; Mussels, Prawns, shrimp, clams, etc... with more broth made of fish-stock and, other ingredients like paprika which is used quite a bit in the Galician cuisine. This dish has to be accompanied by the wine of the Sea, D.O. Rias Baixas Albariño wine.

Sunken treasures from the Battle of Rande on Vigo Bay

Starting to get full... but not over yet... we will take a stroll along the promenade and nautical port where sits a bronze statue of Jules Verne, made by Jose Molares. Jules was a famous French writer who wrote the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in which he dedicated a chapter to Vigo Bay and the sunken treasures from the Battle of Rande.

Our final stop on the Vigo food tour promises a delightful experience! Relaxing at a pastry and bakery shop specializing in delicatessens since 1911. We conclude our tasting journey with the exquisite Tarta de Santiago cake. Made of almond meal, this delectable treat is paired perfectly with your choice of espresso, coffee, or tea.

This vigo food tour will give you a great taste of what the city has to offer!

Day by day itinerary

DAY 1:
  • 11:15 AM (please arrive at least 5 mins. before the start time): Our Food Expert Guide will be waiting for you in front of the bronze sculpture El Salto (The Jump) also known as La Bañista (The bather) made by the local artist Francisco Leiro.
  • After a brief introduction from our guide, you will then walk along the nautical port of Vigo stopping out front of the Real Club Nautico de Vigo to admiring some of the buildings and architecture, like the AC Universal Hotel which was a Casino in its days now a four-star hotel in an excellent location of the city.
  • Crossing the Alameda da Praza de Compostela Park, a beautiful residential area in the city.
  • Continuing through the urban streets up to the new part of the city stopping to admire the Garcia Barbon Theatre built in the 19th century on the way up to the Rua do Pincipe, the shopping district of the city centre with many boutiques and fashion stores with important brands like Zara, Roberto Verino, etc...
  • Arriving at the Mercado Do Progreso, a market that was recently rebuilt with an excellent selection of vegetables, cheeses, meats, and of course a wide variety of fish & seafood! Our guide will explain the different types of fish and seafood caught in the area. An excellent way to get familiar with the locally sourced products in Galicia. We will taste a special fair-style doughnut stick (palitos de anis) made at the local bakery.
  • Now we make our way down to the Puerta del Sol (Sun Square), a gathering point in the city that is the limit between the old fishing quarter and the new part of town.
  • Entering into the Casco Vello, the old part of town thru the Plaza de la Constitucion another one of those spots in the city to sit on a terrace and enjoy a drink!
  • After our walk thru the city it is time to dive into some local tapas and wines at our first stop, at a quaint tavern bar with barrel tables and located inside an old fisherman´s house fully restored.
  • Paring a local white wine of the region D.O. Ribeiro is served in typical tazas (ceramic bowls) with local Galician cheeses like the famous Tetilla. Then on to the second wine, a red one this time made of the Mencia grape of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra, served alongside some gourmet canned seafood made of Centollo (spider-crab). All the wines and food are locally sourced by small-scale producers chosen by our food and wine expert.
  • Off to the second food stop we pass by the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vigo and walk along the Calle das Ostras on our way to the second stop where we will taste some of the best seafood and fish in the city! The specialty here is the Arroz de Marisco, a seafood rice dish with many types of seafood in a delicious creamy broth! The best to pair a dish like this is white Albariño wine from the D.O. Rias Baixas.
  • Our last stop will be at a popular cafe/bakery that has specialized in delicatessens since 1911. After all the seafood, now it`s time to taste a delicious Galician dessert, the Tarta de Santiago almond cake accompanied by coffee or tea.
  • To stretch our legs after all the food we walk to another bronze statue at the port sculpted by local artist José Molares of Jules Verne
  • 03:15 PM approx.: The final goodbye from our guide will be back at the port of Vigo right near the starting point.


Prices and Dates

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(Price per person)


  • English-speaking Food & Wine Expert Guide
  • Market visit with a tasting of a special fair-style doughnut stick (palitos de anis) made at the local bakery.
  • (L): Lunch consisting of a selection of 5-6 Galician tapas tastings and 4-5 drinks (NOTE: All locally sourced food & wines showing the traditional local flavours.)
  • Local taxes

Important Notes:

  • There is no dress code, but we recommend comfortable walking shoes since we will be walking through the city street.
  • The total walking distance during the day is about 2-3kms approx. from start to end.
  • Please advise if you have any restrictions regarding types of food due to allergies, diet, or religious reasons. This must be included in the comments when you make the booking of this tour.
  • No age restrictions: Kids that are from 6 to 11 years old inclusively are allowed on the tour and rates are specified in the price options. You can select the number of children at the time of the book. If under 6 years old kids can still join but any expenses for food or beverages must be paid directly at the venue by the parents. 


  • Walking tour only, no transportation included. 
  • Any food and drinks not specified in what´s included.
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities/Tips to your guide.

Pick up

  •  At the Port of Vigo on Canovas de Castillo, 22, Vigo, next to the Statue El Salto. (A wrought-iron statue, a big head, and arm out of the plaza called "El Salto." It´s right in front of the Estacion Maritima where the ferry boat tickets are purchased) See the Location Map section for further details.

Drop off

  • Ending at the last restaurant/bar which is right next to the nautical of Vigo very close to the same location you started from.

Cancellation policy

  •  Cancellations that are made in writing more than 48hrs before the start time will be refunded fully.  Cancellations 48hrs or less are 100% non-refundable.
  • In the case of bars/restaurants as described above are closed due to unforeseen circumstances we will change to a similar bar/restaurant. In the circumstance if we cannot get three food stops due to availability we will substitute with more food & drinks at two stops. It usually is 3 food locations, but we reserve the right to offer the same amount of food & drinks but at two restaurants/bars.




(25 May 2024)
Our tour today in Vigo with Sean with Eat & Walkabout Tours was incredible. Over four hours we took in the city listening to Sean´s expansive knowledge of the area. Although this was a food tour, we learned so much more, including the history of Vigo and its architecture as well. The food and beverage portions of our tour were fantastic, from going to a local market to eating Spanish dishes and savoring local wines in multiple locations. I would not hesitate to recommend Sean and his business to anyone out there looking for a truly unique and memorable experience.
(14 November 2023)
Walking city and food tour.
We were on a cruise ship that stopped in Vigo. Sean answered all of my questions beforehand and the directions to the meeting spot were spot on. My son has a nut allergy and Sean made sure he was accommodated.
We were all pleasantly surprised by Vigo. It´s cleanliness and charm. Sean really brought the city alive with his knowledge of its history and culture.
We first stopped at a local market. We would have never found it. He explained the different seafoods and local crops. He helped us order some baked goods as we did not speak Spanish.
Our first official food stop was a cute restaurant where we sampled some amazing cheeses and crab pate. Sean´s knowledge about food is incredible.
Our next stop was for a seafood pie and paella. So good. And finally, we had traditional almond cake.
I would definitely recommend this walking tour.
(19 October 2023)
Fantastic tour in a beautiful city.
We had a spectacular time on our tour with Sean. It was exactly what we were looking for something real, more of a stroll than a hike, and the best food you can find. Our favorite stop was a restaurant where we had Arroz con mariscos. This dish is the single best seafood dish I´ve had. It was delicious and while we were on a schedule, the sobremesa conversation with others in our group and Sean himself was very memorable. Vigo was such a pleasant surprise and so was this tour. We´re trying to come back to take advantage of one of Sean´s extended tours in the region.
(11 October 2023)
Fabulous tour.
My friend and I were hosted in Vigo by the delightful Tiernan on a walking tour of the historical & gastronomic highlights of the city. We had a fantastic time exploring with this young man who is very passionate and knowledgeable about Galicia. The tour was very good value, we enjoyed a great range of delicacies from local businesses that as english speaking tourists we wouldn’t have found on our own. Thank you Tiernan & E&W
(30 September 2023)
Fantastic Eat & Walkabout tour in Vigo.
Fantastic tour with Sean O´Rourke from Eat & Walkabout in Vigo on 27 Sep. Sean is a great guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of Vigo and its food and wine scene having lived there for many years. My wife and I are foodies, and the local food and wine were delicious and top quality… the local Galician wine & cheeses being a particular treat. Vigo itself is charming and was a big surprise to us. Sean´s company provides tours in various locations across Spain and Portugal and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a. Fabulous culinary experience alongside an interesting local history tour
(13 December 2022)
Absolutely a MUST DO!
Sean and Tiernan were absolutely amazing guides! We travel often and this was one of our best tours ever! They were very knowledgeable and so personable. It´s been a month since our tour and we´re still telling people about it. Great tour to learn about the local area, culture and foods
(6 October 2022)
Great tour guide!
Sean planned a great trip around Vigo, Spain while we were docked with our cruise ship! Very informative tour guide taking us to great small shops for a sampling of the local cuisine! My wife and I are planning another trip geared around one of Sean´s tours it was so good!
(19 September 2022)
Best Tour.
By far the best tour in Spain. We tasted some of the best tapas and wine for an affordable price. Both tour guides were well-educated about the history of the town, the food, and the places we went to. I enjoyed my time with them and so did my group of friends. We had such a large amount of food and wine during the tour. I highly recommend this tour to any visitors or locals.
(14 September 2021)
Very nice city walking tour with tapas. Unique experience.
We had a very nice city walk and ate great tapas in nice small restaurants. Super experience and our guide knew a lot about Vigo and its history, very interesting. recommended
(16 October 2018)
Ok. I admit I’m lagging in posting this review. We did a food tour with Sean in Vigo and it was yummy fantastic! Wine tasting, lunch and dessert - 3 different stops each as good as the last. Not touristy spots but small private spots that locals know.

Sean is an easy going guy with whom you will enjoy your time. Definitely a worthwhile adventure!

PS: We had arranged a Segway tour with Raul @Segmovi to start our day and then ended our day with Sean. Great combo! Great day! Thank you both!
(25 September 2019)
Tour de Tapas
Very well prepared guiding with a lot information about the local food products, tasty meals, friendly local people as well as information about the province.
Highly recommendable.
(6 August 2019)
Food Walk City Tour
I received the foodwalk Tour as a birthday present. Sean, our guide, picked us up on time in marina area. He was speaking good english and we had a small group....
(4 September 2019)
Truly Great Galician Tapas and Wine walking tour
Sean and Angie O´Rourke made the whole outing a delightful experience. They were fun and informative. Our small group of fellow explorers became a group of friends over laughs and delicious Galician food and wine. We explored Vigo, the market place, and learned about the culture and history. The rice dish with prawns and mussels was amazing! I´m gluten free and Sean made sure I had plenty to eat. So good!!!
(15 October 2019)
Boutique Tour
Definitely do this tour while in Vigo. It is small, personalised and an interesting way to see this delightful little city. Sean and his wife will show you the highlights of the town on an easy paced walking tour while taking in the delicious food on offer in Vigo. We really enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do something a little different from the usual type of tourist tours.
(2 October 2019)
Don’t miss this tour
Sean and his wife were excellent guides. 4 hour walking tour, very informative and plenty of food and wine. The three places we were taken to sample tapas, a great seafood lunch and a dessert were all top notch.