The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands

true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-60.jpeg Seixal, Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-93.jpg Welcome to the Madeira Islands!
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-76.jpg Rooftop Terrace, Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-67.jpg Chef Filipe, bolo do caco (flat bread)
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-64.jpg Plating fruit dessert
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-61.jpg Tropical fruits from the garden
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-65.jpg Making milho frito (fried corn meal)
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-126.jpg Colourful Santana house
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-204.jpg Sandra in Santana
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-205.jpg Madeiran Traditional Houses in Santana
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-71.jpg Wood-burning oven to bake bread
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-69.jpg Pao de Santana (Santana bread)
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-210.jpeg Sandra, A Biqueira cooking over wood-burning fire
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-207.jpg Traditional Madeiran slow cooked recipe
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-84.jpg Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-208.jpg Rooms at Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-78.jpg Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-86.jpg Madeiran cuisine, Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-87.jpg Madeiran cuisine, Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-75.jpg Madeiran cuisine, Castanheiro Boutique Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-92.jpg Funchal City from above
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-173.jpg Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-40.jpg Mercado dos Lavradores, Farmers Market in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-06.jpg Tropical Fruits at the market in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-36.jpg Exotic fruits in Funchal market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-26.jpg Madeiran Bananas at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-28.jpg English tomato or tamarillo at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-195.jpg Colorful peppers at the market in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-29.jpg Fruit stands at Funchal market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-12.jpg Fish market in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-47.jpg Black Scabbard fish at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-04.jpg Sea bass at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-17.jpg Fresh fish at Funchal maket
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-07.jpg Fish at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-10.jpg Fish at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-03.jpg Octopus at the market
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-50.jpg Blandys Wine Lodge in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-57.jpg Madeira Wine Tasting room at Blandys in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-100.jpg Cable car in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-102.jpg Sledge ride in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-97.jpg Sledge ride in Funchal
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-184.jpg Festa de Sao Martinho (St. Martin Festival)
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-177.jpg Procession of Sao Martinho Festival
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-179.jpg Wine Cellar in the church of Sao Martinho
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-178.jpg New Young Wine of Sao Martinho
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-186.jpg Espetada beef skewers
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-137.jpg Espetada on the barbecue
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-112.jpg Sao Martinho Cod
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-89-1.jpg Camara de Lobos, Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-188.jpg Camara de Lobos viewpoint
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-189.jpg Camara de Lobos fishing port
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-190.jpg Camara de Lobos streets
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-154.jpg Poncha and Nikita tropical drinks of Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-120.jpg Bolo do Caco flatbread with butter & garlic
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-114.jpg Lapas (Limpets) grilled with butter & garlic
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-139.jpg Traditional Espetada with bay laurel skewers
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-160.jpg Banana plantations in Magdalena do mar
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-156.jpg Banana Beer by Coral
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-175.jpg Sugar cane to make Madeiran Rum
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-155.jpg Madeiran Rum
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-144.jpg Quinta das Vinhas Organic Vineyards
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-146.jpg Sao Vicente Valley Views
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-171.jpg Quinta do Barbusano Vineyards
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-147.jpg A walk through the vineyards at Quinta do Barbusano
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-170.jpg Quinta do Barbusano wine tasting
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-150.jpg Terras do Avo wine tasting with views
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-149.jpg Wine Tasting with lunch at Terras do Avo
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-128.jpg Seixal Flowers on the coast
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-169.jpg Natural Swimming Pools in Porto Moniz
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-158.jpg Seixal northern coastline
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-172.jpg Seixal black sand beach
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-209.jpeg Rooftop pool at Aqua Natura Bay Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-202.jpg Aqua Natura Bay Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-200.jpg Restaurant at Aqua Natura Bay Hotel
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-113.jpg Portuguese Octopus (Polvo a Lagareiro)
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-105.jpg Black Scabbard fish with passion fruit
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-106.jpg Risotto
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-91.jpg Fanal Forest from above
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-141.jpg Ancient trees in Fanal Forest
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-142.jpg Trees of Fanal Forest in Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-143.jpg Magical Fanal Forest on a foggy day
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-199.jpg Pico Areeiro, 3rd highest peak on Madeira Island
20240326104439_true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-162.jpg Balcões Viewpoint
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-165.jpg Levada Walks in Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-164.jpg Levada Walks in Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-157.jpg Levada Walks in Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-198.jpg Levadas Aqueducts of Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-123.jpg Flowers of Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-124.jpg Flowers of Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-133.jpg Flowers of Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-129.jpg Flowers of Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-134.jpg Flowers of Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-132.jpg Flowers of Madeira Islands
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-121.jpg Madeira Mountain Countryside
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-187.jpg Madeiran Houses with tiles
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-196.jpg Tiles of Madeira
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-151.jpg Adega do Pomar Cider
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-153.jpg Madeiran Cider Tasting
adega-do-pomar-10.jpg Traditional Madeiran Cuisine
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-152.jpg Lunch at the Cider Restaurant
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-197.jpg Bolo do Miel, Madeiran Honey Cake
20240326102610_true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-159.jpg Cabo Girao panoramic views
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-167.jpg Join Sean & Angie on Madeira Island
true-flavours-natural-beauty-of-madeira-islands-168.jpg Sean & Angie toasting with Madeira Wine at Blandys

7 Days / 6 Nights


Price from: 3750.00
3375.00 euros

Why are the Madeira Islands, Europe´s Best Island Destination in 2024? Discover it on a trip full of food and wine in Madeira: wine tastings and more!
  • Our experts have hand-picked Sustainable slow food experiences
  • Spend time with Local Chefs  to learn about Madeiran Cuisine
  • Jeep 4x4 Nature & Madeiran Wine Country
  • Pico do Areeiro Viewpoint over the clouds, views of the Gods!
  • Madeira Rum tasting, the king of spirits for centuries on the island
  • Levada Aqueducts along the magical woodland trails



General Overview

Country: Portugal
Region: Madeira Islands
City: Funchal
Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights
Type: Small Group Multi-Day Tours
Theme: Food & Wine Tours, Green Trails & Coastal Walks, Tasting & Visits
Group Size: 10-18 People max.
Price from: 3750.003375.00€
Transport: (More details)


Why are the Madeira Islands Europe´s Best Island Destination in 2024?

A simple answer, it is a magical place waiting to be discovered. When you step foot on the Madeira Islands it is hard not to be mesmerized by the beauty of these subtropical islands sitting in the Atlantic ocean. No matter how many days you plan to stay it never seems enough, there is so much to see and taste on this Portuguese Paradise! Madeira has stolen our hearts and palates so we have decided to feature this destination as our first special E&W True Flavour Journey!

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Why are the Madeira Islands Europe´s Best Island Destination in 2024The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Flowers in MadeiraThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Wild Flowers in MadeiraThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Santana Typical Homes

During our 7-day journey, our experts have hand-picked experiences to best represent Madeira. Starting in Funchal, the capital of the Island, a small cosmopolitan city that faces the Atlantic and is in close contact with nature having levada trails, tropical gardens, etc. all within reach from the city centre. It is named after a sweet-smelling wild herb, traditionally known as fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare), which was abundant here when the settlement was created. Later, several excellent regional products, such as sugar or wine became the main source of income turning Funchal into an important trading port in the middle of the Atlantic.

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Welcome Drink on Rooftop Terrace Bar in Funchal
The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Gastronomy of MadeiraThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Hotel Lobby in FunchalThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Madeiran Cuisine

Our welcome to the island will be on a rooftop terrace bar overlooking the city of Funchal just before sunset, how does that sound? Of course, we will toast the start of our gastronomic journey with a glass of Madeira wine, which this island is famed for in the wine world. Since we are staying in the town centre everything is within walking distance to explore the charm of the old town streets and get acquainted with many cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. The seaside promenade for a late evening or early morning walk is always so relaxing. Get the best views of the city by taking the cable car to the top of Monte, then slide down the streets in a hand-made Sledge from wicker and wood by specialised craftsmen and carpenters. They are pushed by two drivers, called 'carreiros', who are dressed in typical white garments and wear straw hats. With recognised skill, they use their boots with thick rubber soles as brakes to control the sledge during the journey.

The best way to describe our journey is through all the different experiences...

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Sledge ride in Funchal, Madeira
The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Sledge getting pulled down the roadThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Cable Car in Funchal

Gastronomy, wines & spirits of Madeira

The gastronomy, spirits and wines of Madeira are deeply rooted in the culture, for a small archipelago it has a bit of everything! The fruits and vegetables are abundant, largely due to the extraordinary fertility of its soil combined with the subtropical climate of the island. The fish caught off the coasts, like the deep-sea fish the Espada (Black scabbardfish) or the Atum (Tuna) are two very popular fish used in many Madeiran recipes, a favourite being black scabbardfish filet with banana. A locally sourced seafood delicacy to mention are the Lapas (Limpets),  sauteed in garlic and butter then with drips of lemon juice on top, are to die for! You can't taste them without the Bolo do Caco (flat bread) also with butter and garlic, a pair made in heaven. The Espetada, meat over the barbeque on laurel branch stick-skewers to get that flavour of laurel (bay leaf) in the perfectly grilled meat.

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Black Scabbardfish and passion fruitThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Espetada meat and milho frito corn bread
The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Bolo do Caco flat bread with garlic and butterThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - OctopusThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Grilled Lapas Limpets

Spend time with local Chefs, the best way to learn about Madeiran Cuisine

There is no better way to learn about local gastronomy than spending time with a local chef,  so on our journey Chef Filipe will take us on a visit to the Farmers´ Market (Mercado dos Lavradores) in Funchal. Then Chef Filipe and his family open the doors to their Madeiran estate inviting us for an exclusive gastronomic experience. 

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Mercado dos Lavaradores, farmers market
The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Fish mongers in Funchal MarketThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Tropical Fruits in the Funchal market

Sustainable slow food experiences
will be a big focus on this trip as we want you to learn all about the slow-cooked Madeiran cuisine made by the locals. The best person to tell us about the traditional recipes is Sandra, a passionate hostess who keeps alive home-cooked recipes from all over the island. Sandra will show us a few of these traditional Madeiran home recipes.

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Chef Filipe in the KitchenThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Sandra A Biqueira slow cookingThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - plating dessertThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - traditional home-made recipe

Unique beverages from the Madeira Islands

There is a long list of unique beverages from the Madeira islands, and on this journey, we will try to taste them all! The fortified Madeira wines attract wine connoisseurs from all over the world. Madeira's finest wines have been aged using the traditional Canteiro method, stored in over 650 barrels and vats in the cellar at Blandy´s Wine Lodge, a very successful family wine business, making Madeira wine for 211 years and 7 generations. We will have a Premium visit & wine tasting in Madeira with our local expert guide. Not only fortified wines are made on Madeira, in fact for generations families have been making table wines for family consumption, as they play an important role on the table of Madeiran cuisine. Just as of 2008, the wine region of Madeirense DOP started commercialising small-batch table wines of Madeira.  A wide range of grape varieties are permitted in the region, the most popular being the white grape Verdelho, making an excellent 100% mono-varietal wine. We will taste these young wines in various settings, at Quinta das Vinhas a 17th-century property surrounded by organic vineyards looking towards the Atlantic Oceans,  on the north coast of Madeira in Seixal we admire the views of the vines hanging on the mountain cliff terraces from the garden of Terras do Avo, with a glass of sparkling wine in our hand. It sounds like a dream, but it will come true on our journey! 

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Madeira Wine CountryThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Quintas das VinhasThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Blandys Wine Lodge TastingThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Terras do Avo wine tasting

Grapes are not the only fruit beverages made from on Madeira Island, apple cider is very popular on the island. The cider region Sidra da Madeira PGI was established quite recently, but the history of cider-making on the island goes back 600 years. Among the first fruit trees introduced on the island by Portuguese settlers, were some varieties of apples and pears, that found good conditions on the island. It’s believed that cider production on Madeira Island began as soon as the orchards began to produce enough amounts of fruit, and other historical records mentioned that it was possible to find cider, then called “Vinho de Peros” (apple wine), among the supplies that, since the mid-15th century, Portuguese navigators came to get from Madeira Island. In the village of Camacha where they have the cider festival every year, we will get a chance to visit a cider cellar with tasting followed by a light traditional lunch. This will be our last meal together, so we want it to be special and full of local true flavours!

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Adega do Pomar Cider tastingThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - eating at Adega do PomarThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Cider tastingThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Rum of MadeiraThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Poncha and Nikkita tropical drinks of MadeiraThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Banana Beer by Coral

The sugar cane juice has been the king of spirits for centuries on the island. Madeira Rum or "Madeira brandy", as it is commonly called, is one of the most appreciated traditional products of this Atlantic archipelago. Its award-winning quality is the result of a centuries-long process of refinement. During the 20th century, the shutdown of some very important industrial units led to a decline in production. However, with the turn of the century, there was a substantial increase in demand for this unique product. As a result, Madeira's historic rum has become increasingly renowned and sought after all over the world. There is an important beverage made with the spirit of "Aguardente de Cana" rum called Poncha, created by the fishermen of Camara de Lobos who looked for something to keep them warm on cold nights. The main ingredients are sugar cane brandy, lemon juice and sugar. We will have a few opportunities to try this special beverage at various locations, in fact, we will make it during our hands-on cooking class, and we will see how the Madeiran rum is made at a distillery with a special rum tasting! Other Madeiran beverages on our tasting list are the famous Nikita, Banana Liqueur and even a Banana Coral Beer!

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Blacoes Viewpoint

Views of the Gods & incomparable nature to immerse yourself into!

Venture up the mountainous roads to the third-highest peak of the island, Pico do Areeiro, standing at 1,818 metres / 5,965 feet over the clouds offering spectacular views. The island boasts for numerous viewpoints like; Miradouro da Eira da Achada, cliffs of the northern coast,  Cabo Girao Skywalk Viewpoint, the highest promontory in Europe and the Balcões Viewpoint over the Ribeira da Metade valley.

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Fanal Forest in Madeira
The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Walking the Levadas of MadeiraThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Acient Trees of Fanal

Ancient Forest to get lost in & levadas to guide your way!

Up in the mountains, we stop to explore the natural Fanal Forest, with trees that date back to a time before the discovery of the archipelago. They are part of the indigenous Laurissilva forest, which expresses itself here in an impressive state of conservation given its vitality. The Levada Aqueducts that follow along the woodland trails guide us through the magical forests with breathtaking views at every corner.

The True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Sean & Angie Madeira IslandsThe True Flavours & Natural Beauty of Madeira Islands - Sean & Angie toasting Madeira Wine

A founder-led journey created with care

Our True Flavour Journeys are a collection of special small-group food & wine tours that the husband & wife team, Sean & Angie O'Rourke personally lead. After 25+ years of designing boutique food, wine, and walking tours in Spain & Portugal, we have decided to create a collection of tours visiting destinations that have stolen our hearts and palates! The Madeira Islands, Portugal will be the first of many gastronomic journeys!

At the end of our E&W True Flavour Journey, you will see how Madeira Islands will call you back for more, proving it is Europe´s Best Island Destination!

Day by day itinerary

DAY 1: 

  • Upon arrival at Funchal airport, you will be greeted by a private driver.
  • Private transfer to our city centre hotel in Funchal.
  • Independent *check-in when you arrive at the hotel (*NOTE: Check-in can be any time after 03:00PM, if you arrive earlier, you can leave luggage with the hotel reception and check in later on).
  • Time on your own until our evening meeting...
  • Welcome to Madeira Drink with views of Funchal.
  • 05:30PM: Group meeting on the rooftop terrace bar of the hotel.
  • We will have a welcome toast of Madeira Wine and chat about our E&W True Flavour Journey of Madeira.
  • Now it's time for our first of many meals together...
  • Special Welcome to Madeira Gourmet Dinner
  • We will enjoy a special gourmet Madeiran cuisine tasting menu, a great way to get our tastebuds acquainted with the gastronomy of Madeira.
  • Overnight in Funchal.


DAY 2: 

  • Breakfast
  • Funchal Farmers' Market (Mercado dos Lavradores) visit by Chef Filipe and Madeiran Gastro Masterclass
  • In the morning, we all meet in the hotel lobby.
  • Transfer to the Farmers` Market (Mercado dos Lavradores) of Funchal.
  • Introduction to Chef Filipe who will take us on a chef's tour of the market to show the local meats, fish, seafood,  fruits, veggies, and more.
  • Then Chef Filipe and his family open the doors to their Madeiran estate inviting us for an exclusive gastronomic experience. 
  • We will enjoy a masterclass cooking class of Madeiran Cuisine with some parts hands-on and demo. Learn to make poncha on the fabulous garden terrace, Bake the bolo do cacao (flat bread), make the Atum em Filete de Escabeche (Marinated Tuna Fillet), Espetada (meat on a skewer) on the barbecue, dessert with fruits from his garden, and more!
  • Lunch will be based on what we have prepared with Chef Filipe accompanied by wines of Madeira.
  • Transfer back to the hotel.
  • You will have the afternoon to relax in the rooftop pool, the spa, or take a walk around the streets of Funchal and the promenade of the beautiful seaside city.
  • Camara de Lobos Fishing Village Evening Sunset Stroll and Dinner
  • In the evening meet up in the lobby for a transfer to Camara de Lobos. 
  • We will walk along one of the most iconic fishing ports of Madeira with loads of history, in fact here is where Winston Churchill, in January 1950, sitting at the Espírito Santo Viewpoint, facing the sea, set up his easel and painted a picture that he would never forget.
  • From the lookout point, we will get some spectacular views of the cliffs along the coast and the Atlantic Sea, quite a place to catch a sunset.
  • In this village, a unique drink was invented in 1985 by a man named Marcelino, who immigrated to Brazil, where he found inspiration to create this wonderful tropical drink. According to the story, the origin of the name of this drink "Nikita" comes from a song created by Elton John in 1985, a song that Marcelino loved, and this inspired the name of this drink, as the song. Another popular drink comes from Camara de Lobos, the famous "Poncha", created by the fishermen who looked for something to keep them warm on cold nights. The only ingredients are sugar cane brandy, lemon juice and sugar.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant offering fresh fish and seafood on the gill for which this village is famous.
  • Transfer back to our hotel in Funchal.
  • Overnight in Funchal.

B, L, D

DAY 3: 

  • Breakfast
  • Pico do Areeiro Viewpoint Over the Clouds and Ribeiro Frio Levada Nature Walk
  • We meet our local guide in the hotel lobby this morning.
  • By minibus we will make our way up the picturesque mountainous roads to Pico do Areeiro.
  • The viewpoint of Pico do Areeiro at 1,818 metres / 5,965 feet is the third highest peak in Madeira offering amazing views over the clouds and in the distance you can see (on a clear day) the highest peak, Pico Ruvio at 1,862 metres /6,109 feet.
  • Now we will take a short drive along yet another picturesque road until reaching Ribeiro Frio.
  • In Ribeiro Frio, we will take a 3km / 1.86mi walk, the Vereda dos Balcões Levada trail which is a beautiful woodland path ending at a panoramic vantage point over the mountain ranges.
  • We continue through the local roads to Santana.
  • Traditional Madeiran Recipe Show Cooking Demo by Sandra in Santana
  • Introduction to Sandra known as A Biqueira, a passionate hostess who keeps alive home-cooked recipes from all over the island. Sandra will show us a few of these traditional Madeiran home recipes, all made in a setting that is like going back in time! In the Village theme park, they have historic triangular Santana homes and one which has a Madeiran kitchen with an open wood-burning fire to slow cook with love! Sandra will explain the recipes to us while cooking, and then we sit and enjoy a true traditional home-cooked Madeiran lunch!
  • Transfer along the coastal roads to Porto da Cruz.
  • Porto da Cruz Rum Distillery Visit & Tasting
  • In Porto da Cruz we make a stop to visit the sugar cane mill and learn how the rum is made, and of course a tasting of rum and poncha.
  • Return by highway back to Funchal.
  • Arrival back to our hotel.
  • Evening and dinner on your own. There are many options for dining near our hotel.
  • Overnight in Funchal.

B, L

DAY 4:

  • Breakfast
  • Premium Funchal Experience: Cable Car & Toboggan Ride + Tropical Gardens Visit + City Food Walking Tour & Madeira Wine Tasting
  • We met our local guide in the hotel lobby this morning.
  • Transfer to the cable car in Funchal.
  • Cable car ride up to Monte where we will visit the tropical gardens and church.
  • Then down the streets on the traditional toboggans, quite a unique experience and must-do in Funchal!
  • Our guide will then take us on a food tour of Funchal for lunch, starting with a tropical fruit-tasting in the local market, walking through the streets of the old town, stopping at Fábrica Santo António (a biscuit and honey cake factory), Mercearia Bento, and Blandy Madeira wine lodge cellars. During our food tour, we will taste traditional snacks from Madeira, a regional coral beer, juice or water, a wine and garlic marinated pork sandwich, a scabbard fish sandwich, or an omelette sandwich with bolo do caco (flatbread). Fruit-tasting tropical fruit of the season, Honey cake and traditional biscuits, Poncha tasting. Madeira wine tasting (2 glasses of different varieties of Madeira wine) at Blandy´s Wine Lodge.
  • Ending our tasty tour back at our hotel.
  • Afternoon on your own to explore the city.
  • In the evening enjoy a special gastronomic and religious local festival... 
  • A Special Night of Tasting New Young Wines & Grilled Cod Fish: Festa do Sao Martinho (Festival of Saint Martin) 
  • We meet in the lobby of the hotel.
  • Transfer by minibus to the Church of San Martinho where the festival is held.
  • There are stands all around the church with different food, drinks, etc.
  • As well there is a special side door of the church where they have their Adega (Cellar) where you can try the new young wines of the year.
  • Depending on the time of the procession of the statue of Saint Martin we will either watch it before or after our dinner.
  • Our dinner will be based on a speciality of this day Sao Martinho Cod, cured-dried cod is basted with olive oil, olives and other spices and put on the grill. On this special day of San Martinho, they pair the cod with the young wines of the new year, and roasted chestnuts too!
  • Transfer back to the hotel.
  • Overnight in Funchal.

B, L, D

DAY 5: 

  • Breakfast
  • Check-out of the hotel-
  • Walk the Banana Route & Visit the BAM Museum with Banana Tasting
  • Departure from the hotel in our minibus
  • Journey along the coast to Ponta do Sol, stop to visit the BAM Museum with a tasting of banana, banana liqueur and banana Coral Beer!  
  • Then we stop in Madalena do Mar to walk the Banana route and see the views of the banana plantations. 
  • Lunch at Quinta das Vinhas: An Organic Vineyard in 17th-century property with Amazing Coastal Views
  • Nearby we will have lunch at Quinta das Vinhas surrounded by vines and facing the sea.
  • The vineyard was planted as an experimental vineyard by the Madeira Wine Institute in the 70`s. It has over 70 different grape varieties and is a true living library. In May 2023, in partnership with Justino`s Winehouse, they launched the first organic table wine from Madeira, Fanal, taking the name of the forest we will visit in the afternoon. A very small production (Less than 2000 bottles) made of 100 % Verdelho grapes which will be served at our lunch, what a treat!
  • In the afternoon we travel up into the mountains...
  • The Magical Fanal Forest Visit & Dramatic Coastal Viewpoint in Ribeira de Janela
  • With our guide, we will walk around the magical ancient Laurisilva forest, you will have some great photo opportunities.
  • A spot that is popular on a foggy day, but really, beautiful in any weather conditions!
  • Continue to Ribeira de Janela look out for a dramatic coastal view from the Miradouro da Eira da Achada.
  • Arriving in Porto Moniz we check in our hotel for the next couple of days to explore the North of Madeira Island.
  • Free time to relax until dinner.
  • Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel with fresh local ingredients of this plentiful island.
  • Overnight in Porto Moniz.

B, L, D

DAY 6: 

  • Breakfast
  • Jeep 4x4 Nature & Madeirense DOP Wine Country Tour including a Special Garden Terrace lunch with a Family Winemaker in Seixal 
  • We will be picked up at our hotel by our local Jeep 4X4 guides.
  • Starting off with a Jeep 4x4 tour in nature to see the north coast: São Vicente, Boaventura, Arco de São Jorge, off-road to boca das voltas viewpoint, and back to São Vicente. 
  • Stop for a vineyard walk and wine tasting of the 6 wines at Quinta do Barbusano with views of the vineyard valley.
  • The next stop will be in Seixal at Terras do Avo to meet Sofia coming from a family of winemakers making very selective wines, even some sparking.
  • Here we will taste two of her table wines, and one sparkling wine with our lunch on the garden terrace with a jaw-dropping view of the sea & cliffs!
  • After our lunch, we will go down to Seixal´s black volcanic sand beach, and see how the vines are grown on the terraces of the cliffs hanging over the sea, a unique wine country destination! You will even have a chance to dip your toes in the water and take a walk along the black sand beach.
  • Return to Porto Moniz and drop off back at our hotel.
  • Free time until dinner. It is time for the natural swimming pools, etc.
  • Our dinner tonight will be at the restaurant by the natural pools with the waves crashing against the rugged cliffs, quite a backdrop!
  • Overnight in Porto Moniz.

B, L, D

DAY 7: 

  • Breakfast
  • Check-out of the hotel.
  • Goodbye Madeira Islands Views from Cabo Girao Skywalk Viewpoint, the Highest Promontory in Europe
  • We will be picked up at our hotel
  • Transfer by highway through the mountainous tunnels stopping at Cabo Girão Viewpoint. 
  • The Cabo Girão viewpoint, with its famous suspended glass platform, called skywalk, is currently one of the most visited (and certainly most photographed) tourist attractions of the archipelago. The viewpoint offers a unique perspective over the cities of Câmara de Lobos and Funchal: an urban scenery framed by a natural amphitheatre facing south.
  • This will be the last viewpoint of our journey on Madeira so you could call it a goodbye (or see you soon) view!
  • Camacha a Land of Apples: Cider Cellar Visit & Tasting with a Goodbye to Madeira Lunch
  • Visit to a local Cider Cellar in Camacha to learn about the Madeira cider history and cider tasting followed by a light traditional lunch. This will be our last meal together, so we want it to be special and full of local true flavours!
  • After lunch transfer to Funchal airport for drop off at around 03:00PM approx., then the second drop off in city centre of Funchal at 03:30PM approx. (*NOTE: If you would like to book accommodation before or after the tour please contact us for a quote. We can also offer a tailor-made trip if you plan to extend your stay on the Madeira Islands, for example, even visiting the neighbouring island of Porto Santo. If you would like to continue your holiday on the mainland of Portugal let us know!)
  • Final Goodbye from your E&W Group Leaders (Sean & Angie).

B, L


Prices and Dates

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(Price per person)


  • 6 Nights accommodations in Deluxe Double or Single Occupancy based on 4* Boutique Hotels as specified in the Lodging section.
  • 7 (B): Breakfasts daily except on the day of arrival.
  • (L): Lunches and (D): Dinners were specified per itinerary with set menus  (3 courses or more! with beverages) based on a mix of traditional cuisine, relaxed casual light petiscos, and innovative cuisine by expert chefs. Many of our meals will be in special locations we have selected like; wineries/vineyards, terraced gardens, traditional historic buildings, restaurants with panoramic sea views, stylish hotel dining rooms, etc... We even spend time with chefs during our cooking class, and demos savoring what has been prepared, up close and personal with our local chefs! You will come away tasting a variety of local Madeiran cuisine! Wine and other beverages will be included at all meals selected to be paired with each meal.
  • Welcome Drink of Madeira Wine on the Rooftop Terrace at our hotel on the evening of your arrival to Madeira.
  • All Transportation and transfers as specified per itinerary in fully equipped vehicles as specified in the Transportation section.
  • 2 English-speaking *E&W Founder Group Leaders with over 25+ years of expertise in the Food & Wine touring of Northern Spain & Portugal (*NOTE: Our founder Sean O`Rourke & wife Angie O`Rourke will lead this special journey.)
  • English-speaking *Expert Local Guides in Madeira with vast knowledge of local gastronomy, nature, culture, history, and more! (*NOTE: On days 3, 4, 5, and 6.)
  • All entrances when with local guides are included in the cost.
  • Farmer`s Market visit with Expert Local Chef in Funchal to see all the fresh fish, seafood, fruits, veggies, etc...
  • 2 Cooking Classes/Demos: In Funchal a hands-on Masterclass with 3 courses of traditional Madeiran cuisine, you will even learn how to make Poncha! In Santana, you will have a cooking demo of traditional home-made recipes slow cooked over an open wood fried in a historic Madeiran Kitchen of a stone house.
  • 1 E&W Gift Arpon with a PDF of recipes prepared.
  • 3 Nature Trails & Forest Walks, we have selected 1 Levada mountain trail walk (Vereda dos Balcões) with an amazing viewpoint at the end, it is about 3km/1.86mi. The other route (Rota da Banana) is through the banana plantations, a short but fun walk of about 1.2km/0.75mi. In the Fanal forest, we will walk amongst the ancient trees, this will be a very relaxed walk with stops for photos, not a trail walk. All walks are considered easy and flat. During our visits to vineyards, farms, viewpoints, old towns, etc,.. we will have some walking involved to burn off some calories after all the food touring!
  • 1 E&W Gift Bag for carrying your things on our walks, etc...
  •  1 Jeep 4x4 Tour in Nature to see the north coast of Madeira Island.
  • 1 Food Walking Tour in Funchal tasting fruits at the market and other delicious treats with an expert local food guide.
  • Various viewpoints to admire the spectacular views of Madeira Island. We will go up (by bus) to the 3rd highest peak in Madeira, Pico do Areeiro standing at 1818 metres/ 5,965 feet, and other popular vantage points like the Cabo Girao Skywalk Viewpoint.
  • 1 Cable Car & Toboggan ride in Funchal.
  • 4 Wine Tasting & Visits in unique settings, we will visit 3 wine producers making the table wines in the Madeirense DOP, walking through an Organic Vineyard and tasting various red and white wine grape varieties being the most popular the Verdelho white grapes. In Funchal, a Premium Madeira Wine Tasting at Blandy`s Wine Lodge.
  • 1 Nikkita or Poncha Tasting in Camara de Lobos where these Madeiran drinks were born!
  • 1 Sugar Cane Rum Distillery Visit & Tasting in Porto da Cruz.
  • 1 Cider Cellar Visit & Tasting in Camacha.
  • 1 Banana Museum/Farm Visit with Tasting of Banana fruit, Banana Beer, and Banana Liqueur in Ponta do Sol.
  • 1 Local Festival, Festa do Sao Martinho to try the young wines and Grilled Cod.
  • 1 Tropical Garden visit in Funchal.
  • Local Taxes


  • Flights are not included.
  • Transportation not specified.
  • Meals not specified.
  • Porterage.
  • Any entrance fees when not with a guide or tour leaders.
  • Tips & Gratuities to Tour Leader, driver, and local guides (Not mandatory but given if you enjoy the services)
  • Trip Cancellation and Medical *Insurance (*NOTE: It is mandatory to send your insurance policy at the time of final payment, we can not accept anyone on the tour who does not have a valid cancellation and medical insurance policy for the duration of the trip.).
  • Any other items not specified in what´s included.
  • *Pre- and post-tour accommodations and expenses. (*NOTE: If you would like to book accommodation before or after the tour please contact us for a quote. We can also offer a tailor-made trip if you plan to extend your stay on the Madeira Islands, for example, even visiting the neighbouring island of Porto Santo. If you would like to continue your holiday on the mainland of Portugal let us know!)

Pick up

  •  Funchal Airport (Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport)

Drop off

  • Funchal Airport (Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport)
  • Funchal city centre

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 Payment Schedule:

  • At the time of booking a 30% Deposit is required.
  • 90 days before departure the Final Balance is due.
  • If you book within 90 days of your tour date, the full amount is due at the time of booking.
Cancelation Policy:

Tour Type: Multi-Day Small Group Tour
  • All cancellations must be made in writing, hand-signed by the person who made the payment, and sent by email to
  • The date of Cancellation will be based on the day E&W receives in writing from you.
  • The following % of the total cost penalty will be applied from the date the cancellation notice is received:
    • +90 days before departure date: 30% of the total cost per person is non-refundable.
    • 90 to 61 days before departure date: 50% of the total cost per person is non-refundable.
    • 60 to 31 days before departure date: 75% of the total cost per person is non-refundable.
    • 30 days or less before departure: 100% of the total cost per person is non-refundable.
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4 Star
4 Nights
4 Star
Porto Moniz
2 Nights


  • Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan or V-Class Minivan for all transfers from the airport to the hotel upon your arrival depending on how many people are arriving at the different times.
  • Fully-Equipped Minibus for all transportation and tours as per itinerary.
  • 4x4 Jeeps (8 seats per jeep) on day 6 in the North of Madeira Island.


(28 March 2024)
Madeira is a magical place. This is the 2nd time we have visited and love the gastronomy and nature.