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Why travel to Melgaço?

is a quaint wine country town located in the Alto Minho of Northern Portugal right on the border with Galicia, Spain, which are separated by the River Minho/Miño, a border-land of unique natural beauty between two countries. The village of Melgaço grew up around the fortress Castle of Melgaço order to be built in 1170 by King Alfonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal. We can find ancient remains of megalithic and ancient ruins, like Castro Laboreiro a Celtic settlement on the Serra do Laboreiro mountain range. A must-see place to visit in the area is the Peneda-Gerês National Park. The wonderful thing that stands out in this park is the great presence of water, a landscape with waterfalls, streams, and reservoirs. It has a wide diversity of flora and fauna, extensive mountainous terrains where rivers flow. Amazing landscapes with well-preserved historic mountain town that will take you back in time inviting you to get lost in this nature paradise! You also might have the opportunity to see wolves, deers, as well as other species of animals found in the nature park. 

Melgaço is a small town in size, but well worth a visit, because of the wide range of things to do for food lovers, wine lovers, and trail walkers. If you are looking for a place to enjoy rural beauty and traditional culture, you will be surprised by the unique places you can explore in this hidden gem of Northern Portugal.

Taste the traditional Portuguese Cuisine and Vinho Verde Wines of the Minho River Valley

The traditional cuisine of Melgaço is very simple, but despite that, of great quality, it has a wide variety of locally-grown products, like the Vinho Verde (Green Wine), made primarily with the famous grape varietal  "Alvarinho".  The wine region Vinho Verde DOC,  is the biggest wine region of Portugal. There are 6 different local grape varieties grown in the vineyards of this wine region, which are: Alvarinho, Arinto, Azal, Avesso, Loureiro, and Trajadura. 

As for food that can be paired well with the local wines, try some of the traditional dishes from the Alto Minho river valley. You can savour the smoked cured meats "Fumeiro" and cheese with cornbread, tender roasted goat meat with baked potatoes, Lamprey Eel from the Minho river with Bordeaux rice or sweet bread crumbs, etc.

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Population: 9,739



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Hotel Rural Quinta do Reguengo Melgaco


Portuguese Wine Country House located right next to the famous Miño river in a natural environment surrounded by an extensive area of vineyards, a perfect escapace for a traveler looking for a comfortable accommodation to explore the Northern region of Portugal. The country house also owns a winery that produces D.O.C. Vinho Verde Alvarinho wines.


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