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Why Travel to A Coruña?

Nestled along a substantial stretch of the Galician coastline in northern Spain, A Coruña emerges as a city rich in culture. Beyond its vibrant culinary experiences and cultural attractions, it stands as an ideal escape for those seeking a few days of sunbathing because of its stunning beaches. Riazor Beach in the centre is popular with tourists and locals alike but there are plenty of beaches in the area. A Coruña is known as the white city because of its glazed, white-coloured balconies facing the Port (Dársena de la Marina/Puerta Real). It’s the main financial and business centre in Galicia and it is also a major port city and a popular cruise liner stop-off point. 

Shop in A Coruña´s Inditex clothing stores and indulge in Galician Tapas

One of the richest men in the world, Amancio Ortega, lives here having set up Inditex with its famous brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti and Bershka.  This is a place to go shopping either in the area around Calle Real or at Marineda City, the largest shopping centre in Spain. The new Dársena is full of shops and bars where businesses associated with the fishing industry are clustered.  A Coruña is a very welcoming place with some of the best restaurants and the highest concentration of bars in Spain and superb nightlife where the visitor is warmly welcomed and it’s easy to have a great meal and a good time. The choice of restaurants is immense and in them, you can enjoy a whole range of cuisines, from traditional Galician, with its seafood, Galician stews and Galician blonde beef, to avant-garde world cuisine.

Discovering the flavours of Galicia, accompanied by a Ribeiro or an albariño, is an easy task in A Coruña. The popular A Coruña wine and tapas route is located in the Pescadería neighbourhood, between Plaza de María Pita and Estrella Street, and in Capitán Troncoso Street in the Old City neighbourhood. If you want to immerse yourself in the gastronomic culture and feel the local atmosphere, wander the streets of Barrio de la Pescadería in a slow way and taste small portions at a very affordable price, the best of Galician gastronomy.

Discover Locally Sourced Products at Plaza de Lugo Market

Located in the heart of Coruña, the Plaza de Lugo Market, also known as Mercado Eusebio da Guarda was inaugurated on April 9, 1910, and boasts a rich history and architecture. The original structure, decorated with wrought iron, marble, and mosaics, reflects the elegance associated with its philanthropic founder, Eusebio da Guarda.

In collaboration with the architect Pedro Mariño in 1901,  the market was built initially with a central pavilion dedicated to the excellent fish and seafood from the bay. The other surrounding pavilions housed stalls offering a diverse range of products, from vegetables and bread to eggs, poultry, and beef.

Over time, the Mercado da Guarda underwent expansions, reflecting the city´s growing needs. Demolished and rebuilt in 1958, to undergo a more comprehensive modernization, with the inauguration of a new market in 2006. The current structure is a multi-level building, with two floors of underground parking, a basement for loading and unloading, a ground floor dedicated to fish, and a first-floor for general food.

The Plaza de Lugo Market has evolved into the city´s largest and most diverse market, offering a wide selection of locally sourced Galician products. While the seafood stalls are an important highlight, showcasing the freshest catches, the market also boasts exceptional quality in meats, fruits, cheeses and vegetables. The market´s significance has further expanded with the surrounding "mile of gold," attracting renowned brands like Inditex and transforming the area into a vibrant destination.

For both residents and visitors, a journey through the Plaza de Lugo Market is a great experience, an immersion into the Galician textile industry, foods and flavours that define the culinary and cultural essence of A Coruña. A great place to enjoy a tasting of quality local products like tetilla cheese, chorizo, cured ham, Spanish tortilla, etc.

Monuments, interesting sites and things to see in A Coruña

The Old Town of A Coruña is well preserved and focused around Maria Pita Square (Praza de María Pita) with impressive collonaded, unified buildings including the elegant Town Hall and a statue of Maria Pita waving a spear. She is a local heroine who helped to repel an English siege in 1589 killing many English soldiers in the process.

The Paseo Marítimo (maritime walkway) is the longest, continuous walkway in Europe stretching as far as the entire peninsular of the city.  The locals love to go for a walk, especially at the weekends to enjoy the fantastic views of the city, the Atlantic Ocean and looking across the rías to Ferrol. Keep walking along the walkway passing the 16th century San Antón Castle and Museum takes you to the Roman lighthouse and UNESCO world heritage site, the 1st century Torre de Hercules. This is the city’s most visited sight and the only working Roman lighthouse in the world and dominates the skyline standing above its rocky outcrop setting, to warn ships off the dangerous Costa da Morte (Coast of Death).

A Coruña has lots of museums and attractions worth visiting including the El Aquarium Finisterrae which even has a sealed enclosure, El Domus Museum about mankind, Belas Artes Museum with its collection of 16-20th century European art, the Military Museum, an interesting lift up to the San Pedro hill, and not forgetting the football ground of the local team Deportivo de la CoruñaEl Estadio de Riazor.

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Population: 247,604 (2023) inhabitants

A Coruña
A Coruña
A Coruña
A Coruña


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