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Why Travel to A Guarda?

Visit the quaint coastal fishing town of A Guarda located in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain bordering Portugal along the beautiful river Miño. Walkthrough the town’s old quarter learn about the fishing tradition and admire beautiful colourful seaside houses which are among the oldest in the village. There are also excellent small beaches where you can enjoy a perfect relaxed day such as the beach of O Muiño right next to the river Miño, A Lamiña beach, Area Grande beach and Fedorento.

This small town has been situated for over centuries in a strategic position, a great place with abundant natural resources making it ideal for human living, which is why numerous attacks occurred from Vandals, Norman, Saracen, Portuguese, and French pirates with the objective of conquering this wonderful land. A place with a lot of history and heritage of the Galician castreños celtic culture and known for housing one of the most breathtaking celtic settlements in the world The Castro de Santa Tecla, among the best preserved in Galicia.

A Guarda has also been declared a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) by the European Commission and it is one of the stops of the Portuguese Coastal Way of St James.

The Magical Hidden Gem of Monte de Santa Tecla Hill Fort

Walk through the nature trails until you reach the Castro Santa Tecla considered one of the largest celtic-roman settlement in north western part of Iberian Peninsula in Galicia, Spain, situated at a height of 341 meters above the sea level with an extension of 20 hectares where almost 5.000 people lived during its existence, this celtic hill fort dates back to the 4th century B.C and its one of the most important sites in the Galician culture, offering its visitors a whole overview of the ancestors (the castreños) that once lived on this land.

Shrine of the Saint Santa Tecla and a very significant stop for many important pilgrimages, from the astonishing place of Monte Santa Tecla Hill Fort, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Miño River, the old quarter of the fishing town of A Guarda and the hills of Portugal and Galicia.

Lobster, a Delicacy of this Town

Do not forget to try the rich Galician gastronomy while you are visiting this region, A Guarda is known for its delicious seafood specially lobster the star product and delicacy of this town freshly caught from the Atlantic Ocean! There is even a festival commemorating this praised shellfish the Festa da Langosta, that takes place at the beginning of July which is the perfect time to taste it! There is also another gastronomic festivity that takes place at the end of July that its worth visiting, the Festa do Roscón de Xema, where you can taste the traditional dessert of this town, the typical egg-yolk ring cake.

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Population: 10,484 inhabitants

A Guarda
A Guarda
A Guarda
A Guarda


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