Salvaterra de Miño


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Why Travel to Salvaterra de Miño?

Salvaterra de Miño is located in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia. This Galician municipality belongs to the region of O Condado and is made up of 17 parishes. At an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level, this magnificent city/municipality shares a border with Monçao in Portugal, separated by the famous mighty river, the river Miño, and connected by an international bridge that connects these two regions. This destination has wonderful country houses, manors, churches, castles and medieval-looking streets as well as amazing nature and splendid food & wine (D.O Rias Baixas) will make you disconnect completely and live a dream vacation!

Home of one of the Best Wines of the Region

Few places in Galicia boast of having a natural environment of great beauty like Salvaterra de Miño, combined with historical heritage and spectacular vineyards. Not forgetting to mention the considerable influence of wine, Salvaterra de Miño is a wine area with a great tradition in winemaking. Its presence is so important that there are two festivals dedicated to this local wine of the Appellation of Origin Rias Baixas sub-zone Condado de Tea, "Festa do Viño do Condado" which takes place in August and the "Festa do Viño Espumoso" which takes place at the end of the year.

In Salvaterra de Miño you will find numerous wineries with beautiful vineyards having perfect conditions to grow grapes and elaborate an elegant wine worthy of any palate, even the most demanding.

Natural Paradise and A Unique Historical Heritage

Historic medieval-style sites that take you back in time, archaeological remains of settlements that were once inhabited by our ancestors. These are some of the monuments and sites of historical and natural interest worth seeing in this Galician municipality of Salvaterra de Miño:

  • Castle fortress of Salvaterra de Miño: Castle and fortress that dates back between the 10th and 11th centuries and was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest in 1949. It is located on the banks of the river Miño and from where you can see the international bridge that forms the border between Galicia and Portugal. Inside the fortress, the Chapel of the Virgen da Oliveira stands out, in baroque style and of Portuguese origin,  as well as A Casa do Conde and the Caves of Doña Urraca that houses the Museo da Ciencia do Viño do Condado do Tea.
  • Gate of the Inquisition: This is one of the remains that are still preserved from the manor house of which its founder was Bartolomé Barbeito y Padrón, the first inquisitor of the Censor Court of Galicia in 1677.
  • Ponte de Fillaboa (Fillaboa Bridge): Medieval-style bridge dating from the 15th century that connects the gold mines located on both sides of the same bridge and that crosses the Tea River, one of the affluents of the Miño River.
  • Church of San Lorenzo de Salvaterra: Church from the 13th century of Romanesque origin which was the chapel of the old Castle of Salvaterra. Inside, the Cristo de la Victoria stands out from 1733 and the altarpiece of the main chapel from the end of the 17th century.
  • A Canuda Park: This large park, opened in 1992, is considered one of the largest parks in Galicia, it has 200,000 square meters where you can find -playgrounds, river walks, bicycle tracks and numerous trails along the river Miño, Tea and Mendo.
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Population: 10,048 inhabitants (2021)

Salvaterra de Miño
Salvaterra de Miño
Salvaterra de Miño
Salvaterra de Miño


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