A Fraga Nature Trail & Prize-winning Goat Cheese Farm with Tasting

a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-09.jpg A Fraga Trail Virtual Tour
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-103.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Goats Kid
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-104.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Baby Goats - Kids
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-120.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Cheese Making
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-112.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Cheese Aging
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-111.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Cheese Aging
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-089.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Award winning cheese
a-fraga-arbo-de-los-deseos-15.jpg A Fraga, Arbol de los Deseos (Tree of Wishes)
a-fraga-arbo-de-los-deseos-13.jpg Arbol de los Deseos (Tree of Wishes)
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-053.jpg A Fraga Trail Virtual Tour - Trail marker
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-17.jpg A Fraga Trail Virtual Tour - River trail
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-044.jpg A Fraga Trail Virtual Tour - Flour Mill
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-11.jpg A Fraga Trail Virtual Tour - Path
a-fraga-nature-trail-goat-cheese-farm-tasting-127.jpg Goat Cheese Farm - Panoramic Views
Live Tour

50 mins. approx.


On Request Best Rate

Visit with us A Fraga River valley in Moaña on this virtual tour. Starting off visiting a small humble farm that makes some of the best Goat cheese I have tried! We will walk along a beautiful green woodland trail that follows along the river Fraga. A very peaceful trail...
  • Visit an Artisan Goat Cheese Farm
  • Green Nature River Trail with historic Mills & The Arbol de los Deseos (Tree of Wishes)
  • Virtual tasting of prize-winning Goat Cheese
  • Live commentary and Interactive chat with our virtual foodie guide!



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Moaña
Duration: 50 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: Up to 300 People max. (Private basis on request)
Price from: 0.00€


Learn how a Humble Artisan Farm makes Prize-winning Goat Cheese!

Visit with us A Fraga River valley in Moaña on this virtual tour. Starting off visiting a small humble farm that makes some of the best Goat cheese I have tried! 

A MeixoEira won the Bronze award a the World Cheese Awards Event in 2019-2020. This cheese competition event is organized by the Guild of Fine Food, and for 2021 will be held in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.

Carlos, the owner will show us around the farm and the process of making these artisan cheeses, and of course, we will see all the Cabras (Goats)!

After the visit to the facilities of the goat cheese farm, we will have a tasting of their award-winning cheese!

A Fraga River Nature Trail with over 30 Historic Flour Mills

After our cheese farm virtual visit and tasting, we will walk along a beautiful green woodland trail that follows along the river Fraga. A very peaceful trail where you will see some old flour mills that were built around the 1700´s in this area (there are 31 flour mills in total along the whole trail) some still even in use to mill the corn flour used to make the amazing local pan de millo (Cornbread).

Touch Virtually the Arbol de los Deseos (Tree of Wishes)

We will visit a very special spot... the "Arbol de Los Deseos" The tree of wishes. We will make a wish in this magical place where your wishes and dreams can come true (virtually).  We almost love all the legends of Galicia as much as we love the Food! 

After this virtual tour, you will come away with great insight into the gastronomy and nature of the A Fraga River Walley in Moaña.

Prices and Dates

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(Price per person)


  • One Way Video of Live Virtual Walking Tour in English (NOTE: Private virtual walking tours are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet in private virtual walking tour. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
  • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Virtual Guide (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)


  • The live scheduled demos are tip-based so if you enjoy your time a donation is always welcome!
  • You will need a computer or phone and an internet connection.




(18 June 2021)
(17 June 2021)
Real people at the heart of artisan goat cheese production. Loved meeting the goats. Sean, Angie & Tiernan always show us special places and the river walk was one of them - a true green heart of Galicia, complete with kissing tree. I hope I get there one day.
(17 June 2021)
It was a wonderful tour
(16 June 2021)
Very interesting tour. Thank you for all the information.
(16 June 2021)
Sean, as always, was delightful. The more tours I do with him, the more I am loving Galicia!
(16 June 2021)
A lovely tour incorporating lots of elements - goat farming, cheese production, a beautiful walk in the woods and some mythology.
(3 June 2021)
Thank you for showing us this great family business producing prize-winning cheeses. It was a great experience seeing their premises and the beautiful and cute goats, and the majestic “mastínes”. Then the walk to the “wishing tree” and the corn mills. Galicia is amazing and magical (let´s not forget green as well). Thank you for sharing it with us, honouring the great Galician spirit, beauty and food. Lovely to see all three of you, Angie, Tiernan and Sean.
(3 June 2021)
Amazing tour with Sean & family. I really enjoyed seeing the goats on the farm and seeing cheese. Hopefully next time we can catch them on the production day so we get a better understanding of the process of cheese making. The trail by the river was super nice and I liked the cheese presentation and seeing you guys enjoy them. Made me wish I was there! Thank you for the tour!
(3 June 2021)
Great tour, awesome scenery.
(3 June 2021)
Interesting visit to the farm, the goats were cute. The trails at the end were gorgeous!
(3 June 2021)
Thank you, loved the goats.
(3 June 2021)
Love goats and wished I could be tasting that delicious-looking cheese.
(3 June 2021)
Wonderful. The wishing tree was unique. The small business emphasis was great.
(2 June 2021)
Wonderful visit to the small cheese-making goat farm, then the beautiful walk in the woods. Thank you so much.
(2 June 2021)
So great to see a small business producing quality produce. The goats are super cute too.
(2 June 2021)
Interesting visit to a local goat farm and cottage industry, followed by a really lovely walk through a lush green forest. Very enjoyable, and every tour with this sweet family is worth a visit.
(2 June 2021)
Nice Tour!!
(2 June 2021)
(2 June 2021)
Wonderful to go into the cheese farm and then out in the trails! Gorgeous!
(2 June 2021)
Sean and Tiernan are like friends now--I always enjoy their tours--where ever they go they always manage to find food--it makes me laugh--what fun we have. Today it was cheese. But the views on the river trail were stunning--what a beautiful place they live in.
(2 June 2021)
Beautiful, feel-good tour. Such a privilege to visit the goat cheese farm. Really interesting. I bet the cheese is so good. The Fraga River trail is very beautiful and peaceful. Thank you Sean (and lovely wife) and Tiernan for sharing with us this lovely part of Galicia! I had a wonderful time.
(2 June 2021)
Wonderful tour and personable guides. Really like the way they showcase local businesses
(2 June 2021)
A very interesting trip to the goat farm and woodland trail. Excellent