Ferry Ride passing by Sustainable Mussel Beds to Moaña, a Brave Seafaring Village

boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-33.jpg Moaña - O Fisgon - Neptune
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-10.jpg Ferry Boat Vigo to Moaña
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-12.jpg Vigo Bay to Moaña
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-36.jpg Moaña with views of Vigo
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-39.jpg Promenade of Moaña
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-07.jpg Tasting gourmet Mussels
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-03.jpg Gourmet Conserved Mussels
boat-ride-moana-mussels-o-fisgon-06.jpg Offering Mussels to O Fisgon!
Live Tour

50 mins. approx.


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On this virtual tour of Moaña, we start off with a boat ride across the Bay of Vigo to Moaña. Plus see in the distance the Cies Islands, Cangas do Morrazo, and the Bridge of Rande before arriving in Moaña...
  • Ferry boat crossing Vigo bay to see the Bateas, Mussel Beds
  • Admire the giant granite monument a landmark symbol of this village... O Fisgon
  • Virtual tasting of gourmet conserved Mussels
  • Live commentary and Interactive chat with our virtual guide



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Moaña
Duration: 50 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: Up to 300 People max. (Private basis on request)
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A Boat Ride Across the Bay of Vigo to Moaña, the village of the Best Mussels!

On this virtual tour of Moaña, we start off with the amazing views of the bay from the ferry boat crossing from Vigo city.  You will get an idea of the actual size of Vigo, the largest city in Galicia and the biggest fishing port in Europe. Plus, see in the distance the Cies Islands, Cangas do Morrazo, and the Range Bridge before arriving in Moaña.

Moaña boasts for having some of the best Mexillones (Mussels) in the world! When you arrive to Moaña by boat you will pass through the Bateas (Mussel bed farms) that are scattered along the edges of Vigo bay. This fishing village lives mainly off the farming of mussels. but as well other in bay fishing, and clam digging too. In all the bays of the Rias Baixas of Galicia you will find the mussel bed farms. The mussels in Galicia are highly praised in Europe for their quality and have a Protected Designation of Origin of Mussel of Galicia (DOP Mexillón de Galicia). This method of farming has been handed down for generation and is sustainable controlled by the local government.

The Festa do Mexillón (Mussel Festival) is celebrated here in Moaña at the start of August, serving up over 5,000 kilos of Mussels! A great time to visit this village and taste this delicacy of the bay. 

You will see docked at the port of Moaña the special Mussel boats with big cranes to pull up the ropes that hang down in the seawater from the Bateas.

A Village where Professional Athletes are Born!

We will walk along the seawall promenade of Moaña, a village that is also very sport-conscious, with some excellent athletes born here. You will see locals out for runs all the time along the boardwalk. The local rowing club of S.D. Tiran Pereira, has won many awards in rowing competitions. Plus the football (soccer) club CD Moaña has developed in their youth base many excellent professional players, most notably Iago Aspas, that plays for the Real Club Celta de Vigo and the National Spanish Team.

Moaña is protected by The God of the Sea: Neptune, or should I say O Fisgon, The Brave Fisherman!

Passing the local market (Mercado Municipal Praza de Abastos) which is open in the mornings for buying fresh fish, seafood, and produce, we stop to admire the giant granite monument, a landmark symbol of this village... O Fisgon. Many locals have nick-named it Neptune, confusing with the god of the Sea, but in reality, it is a local fisherman, since in this village centuries ago they used to catch the octopus, fish, etc... on the beach of Xunqueira with a "Fisga", which is a Trident used like a spear, an old technique of fishing art. The monument was sculpted by Manuel Varela in 2009, and weighs about 15 tons, and is 4 metres tall.

Moaña is more than a Fishing Village with Hills Hiding an intriguing historical past and has an important Celtic Music Festival

It is hard to include all the things to see in Moaña on a virtual tour,  this brave village has a rich history of defending from battles, attacks, and even having origins all the way back to the Celtic and Neolithic times with the remains of dolmens (burial tomb), petroglyphic rock art, and hillforts up in the hills. Here they have some excellent musicians, like the bagpiper Xosé Manuel Budiño and Anxo Lorenzo, and here they celebrate the Interceltic Festival of Morrazo every August. 

A visit to Moaña is not complete without a tasting of the Mussels

Even if it is virtually we will open a gourmet can of Mussels from the DOP Mexillon de Galicia and show you how it looks, to taste it you will just have to come to Moaña and visit in person with us!

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  • One Way Video of Live Virtual Walking Tour in English (NOTE: Private virtual walking tours are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet in a private virtual walking tour. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
  • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Virtual Guide (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)


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(25 October 2021)
Very informative and interesting
(23 October 2021)
Great tour - beautiful scenery & interesting commentary. Loved the visit to the market, I was very hungry afterwards!
(23 October 2021)
Fantastic scenery and sean/tiernan always very interesting and friendly. I´ve been on many virtual tours with them and they never disappoint. In fact I hope to visit the area as they have really sold it to me.
(23 October 2021)
Fantastic tour with Sean and Tiernan, beautiful views across the fishing village, lovely indoor and outdoor markets and much more explored, a must see event that I would highly recommend.
(13 May 2021)
Great and beautiful tour Sean. It was great to see the “bateas” and learn about the “mejillon” industry, so important for Galicia and Spain. We´re lucky in Canada because we get excellent canned mussels from Galicia, but how we loved to enjoy them there. Soon God willing. Thank you Sean, Tiernan and Angie!
(12 May 2021)
Sean.... The tour was wonderful. I can not wait to visit that area of Spain away from all the crazy areas. Thank you so much for reintroducing Vego again to me. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
(12 May 2021)
Great tour of Moaña in Galicia with Sean and his family. Boat trip, mussel fishing explanations, a walk along the promenade, local sights, and all finished off with juicy mussels on bread by the sea. What more could you ask for?
(12 May 2021)
What an interesting tour with Sean--I always enjoy his tours. I love a boat ride and this was such fun. Then we wandered around a lovely town..Moaña. Seeing all the lovely views across the bay. Sean always includes food in his tours--such fun seeing what is local to the area. Today it was muscles. I will be back for another tour soon.
(12 May 2021)
Great trip with Sean. Lovely scenery and very interesting info on the production of mussels. Looks like a beautiful area. Look forward to more trips here.
(12 May 2021)
It´s such a pleasure to go on a tour with Sean and his son, Tiernan. They give you plenty of interesting information without bombarding you. Today´s boat trip and stroll along the promenade at Moana has been delightfully relaxing - along with a nice glass of vino. Shame I couldn´t join them for the snack of mussels!! Looking forward to the next tour tomorrow evening!
(29 April 2021)
Sean was very informative and fun and showed enough of the seaside area, as well as close-ups of the fishing area. It was nice seeing his son involved. It made the trip more like a warm, family experience.
(29 April 2021)
Loved it!! Sean and Tiernan did an amazing job!
The ferry ride, the walk around the coast, the history, the culture and the ending with the mussels...everything was perfect!
Thank you for a very enjoyable tour! Slowly falling in love with this region of Spain!
(28 April 2021)
Sean doesn´t disappoint!
Such a complete tour...the ferry, the beautiful stroll, this view and ohhh those mussels. Filled with information told in a very informal, easy-going, natural way.
Also, love the father& son duo.
Will join them in all their virtual adventures until the day I can meet them in person!?
(28 April 2021)
This was a delightful ferry ride and stroll along the boardwalk learning about the wonderful fishing history of the city - Sean is a charming tour guide, very knowledgeable and passionate about his city. I recommend this tour.
(28 April 2021)
Great tour. Beautiful Galicia, thank you for sharing your knowledge
(28 April 2021)
Any tour with Sean is a delight, as he has such warmth, and also is very knowledgeable about his subject. This one was a little different, in that the whole family took part - his son, Tiernan, who is usually there and contributes, plus his wife, Angie, who prepared a surprise at the end of the trip. Won´t say what, so as not to spoil it for others! The ferry ride across was great!
(28 April 2021)
It was a very enjoyable tour.
(28 April 2021)
I enjoyed the view of the bay and was grateful that he allowed more time to get more pictures of views