Online Cooking Class: Bake the Santiago Cake - Holy Year 2021-2022

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cooking-class-santiago-cake-holy-year-01.jpg Santiago Cake final result
cooking-class-santiago-cake-holy-year-05.jpg Santiago Cake ready to eat!
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Live Demo!

45 mins. approx.

Santiago de Compostela

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On this online cooking class, you will get to know about the Galician culture and the city of Santiago de Compostela through one of the oldest recipes of the Galician cuisine, the Tarta de Santiago (Santiago Cake / St James Almond Cake).
  • Bake & Taste along with us virtually the delicious Santiago Cake for the Holy Year - Xacobeo  2021-2022
  • Learn about the Camino de Santiago and the Tradition
  • Interactive live virtual chat with our Food Guides



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Santiago de Compostela
Duration: 45 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: 300 People max. (Private basis on request)
Price from: 0.00€


Learn to Bake the Typical Santiago Cake

Learn how to bake the Tarta de Santiago (Santiago Cake) with Sean & Angie since this year (and next year extended because of Covid) is the Holy Year Xacobeo 2021-2022. The Holy year only occurs when the day of Saint James, 25th of July falls on a Sunday. In May 2010, the European Union gave the Tarta de Santiago PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status inside Europe. To qualify, the cake should be made in the Autonomous Region of Galicia with 33% almonds, barring the base. We will make it at home with 100% Almond meal!

A Cake Full of History

This typical Galician dessert from Santiago de Compostela, Tarta de Santiago (Santiago Cake / St. James Almond Cake) it's a delicious cake that has been baked over the years, its exact date is unknown but there are records in Spain dating as far back as 1577! Before It was called the "Torta Real" or "Bizcocho de Almendra". There are stories that say that it was made as a gift for the pilgrims that walked the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) and arrived in Santiago de Compostela. This cake with medieval origins, consists of ground almonds, eggs, and sugar, with additional flavouring like lemon zest, sweet wine or brandy.  A dessert considered a luxury back in the day, it is said that the Santiago Cake was used for therapeutical purposes and only the aristocracy could consume it.  One of the oldest recipes of the Galician cuisine and a delicacy that you must try as soon as you get to Santiago de Compostela.

Get to know more about the Santiago Cake (St James Almond Cake), which is very simple to make, normally gluten-free, and is so good! The best way to have this cake is to pair it with the Orujo de Galicia Liqueur (also known as Aguardiente - Fire Water!). You will learn as well about the Camino de Santiago and the tradition of how the Pilgrims enter the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela through the Holy Door, and the Botafumeiro (Huge Incense Burner) that is swung by the priest during mass.

Want us to send you the main ingredients in a box from Spain for the Santiago Cake?

For those of you who live in Europe and the United Kingdom, we have put together an ingredients box that we can send to you! Even if you don't cook along with us during the only live online cooking demo you can order the box to make it afterward by yourself. But, we do love it when people cook along with us during our live-streaming cooking demo, as well don't forget to share photos of your cake on our Facebook page! We will answer all your questions during the event via our Facebook chat, and of course, if we missed your question you can always get in touch with us.

Inside the Santiago Cake ingredients box, you will find all the main ingredients you need with the exception of the eggs, white sugar and lemon zest. These are items you to find quite easily locally, the main ingredient is included, the Spanish Marcon Almond Flour, a Spanish Gourmet Almond! The Santiago Cake recipe is Gluten-Free.


Day by day itinerary

Ingredients for the Santiago Cake 

  • 200gr. Almond meal (We will be using Marcon Almond that has been pre-ground into almond meal. Any type of Almond meal will be good. You can look for a BIO even as we are using Bioterra)
  • 200gr. Sugar (White sugar)
  • Lemon zest (1 lemon use the zest, we are using Galician Lemons of course which is abundant here!)
  • 4 eggs (We are using Pazo de Vilane Galician-manor free-range eggs)
  • Icing Sugar
  • Optional: Cinnamon (We like the flavour with lemon only as it almond flavour comes out more, if you like a bit of cinnamon you can add)
  • Optional: Orujo de Galicia (You can add 1 shot of Galicia Liqueur “licor de hierbas” or another liqueur, we are going to taste apart from the cake, and we like the cake with only the lemon to taste the almond meal)
  • NOTE: Want us to send you the main ingredients for the Santiago Cake? If you live in Europe or the UK look at OPTION 2 in our pricing to order our ingredients box.

Step by Step Preparation of the Santiago Cake

  1. In a bowl put in the almond meal, sugar and lemon zest, then add each eggs one by one mixing them well, but not beating we do not want air to get into the mixture, just to mix everything together.
  2. Put a bit of butter at the bottom of the cake pan (or none if non-stick pan).
  3. Pour the cake mixture in the pan and even out the mixture.
  4. Bake at 180 C for about 35 minutes approx.
  5. Take out of the baking pan and wait about 10-15 mins. to cool, then you can decorate by sprinkling the icing sugar over the Tarta de Santiago Cross Template on top of the cake. Here you can get the Santiago Cross Template.

Kitchen Utensils and Equipment for the Santiago Cake

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    •  One Way Video Live-stream Virtual Cooking Demo in English (NOTE: Private classes are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet in private classes. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
    • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Food presenters (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)
    • Ingredients/Shopping list so you can buy locally, or if you are based in Europe or the United Kingdom we have the option to buy our Ingredients box, see OPTION 2 in our pricing when you book the event. NOTE: The only items you must buy locally that are not included in our box are the eggs, white sugar, and lemon zest, all the rest of the ingredients are in the box!


    • This is a paid event, but you do have the ability to make a donation or tip through the link to our, so if you enjoy your time a donation is always welcome!
    • You will need a computer or phone and an internet connection.
    • Ingredients specified not included.
    • Utensils for the cooking demo are not included.
    • The shipping cost for OPTION 2 with the Ingredients box is not included. We will let you know the cost of shipping when confirming your booking.




    (29 November 2021)
    Another FANTASTIC cooking and educational class by Sean and Angie.
    Learned about the spiritual route the pilgrims took to reach "the Holy Door" was neat.
    AND to learn a cake that was so simple to make; even for a non-baker like me can do; excited to give this a try with a slight modification :)
    THANK YOU, Sean, Angie, and Tiernan- for the links :D
    (29 November 2021)
    Loved the preparing of the cake of St. James. I won’t have the special eggs, but I can get the almond flour. Sean and Angie did a great job. Thank you!
    (27 February 2021)
    Thanks so much to Sean and Angie, assisted by their son Tiernan, for this fascinating cookery demonstration, complete with historical and local details. I can´t wait to make my Tarta de Santiago, it really looks delicious!
    (27 February 2021)
    I just loved this cooking tour in Sean and Angie´s kitchen, and cannot wait to try out the recipe. This was my first tour with Sean and Angie - definitely not my last.
    (27 February 2021)
    My first virtual trip watching a recipe. Every step was clearly explained and the end result looked delicious! Many thanks to both.
    (27 February 2021)
    delicious looking cake love it
    (27 February 2021)
    Sean and Angie gave a lovely cake baking class. A typical cake from the region they live in. It looked absolutely delicious so I´ll be trying it at home.
    (27 February 2021)
    Thanks Sean. That was a great trip. I can’t wait to make the cake.