Megalithic Dolmen Chan da Arquiña & Breathtaking 360 Views from Xaxan Hill

dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-05.jpg Views from Xaxan Hill, Domaio Moaña
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-17.jpg Dolmen Chan da Arquiña
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-01.jpg Views of Vigo Bay, from Domaio
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-07.jpg trails at sunset Lookout Xaxan Hill
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-13.jpg Views from lookout point
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-09.jpg Monte Xaxan, Domaio, Moaña
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-14.jpg Dolmen Chan da Arquiña
dolmen-chan-da-arquina360-breathtaking-views-xaxan-hill-15.jpg Dolmen Chan da Arquiña
Live Tour

45 mins. approx.


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Get to know through a live virtual live-streaming walking tour of the ancient past of Domaio, Moaña, Galicia. Explore the Megalithic Funerary Monument of Dolmen of Chan de Arquiña and admire the breathtaking 360 views of Vigo Bay and the city in the distance from Monte Xaxan lookout points...
  • Discover a place of rituals from the stone age!
  • Admire 360 breaktaking views of Vigo Bay
  • Live interactive chat with our guides during the tour



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Moaña
Duration: 45 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: Up to 300 People max. (Private basis on request)
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A Megalithic Funerary Monument that Hides Great Archaeological Wealth!

On this live-streaming online virtual walking tour, you will discover one of the oldest Megalithic Funerary monuments located in the hillside of the fishing village of Moaña, the Ancient Dolmen of Chan da Arquiña. This megalithic structure is more than 5,000 years old, built by the ancestors who inhabited this land in Galicia. It is half-buried, so you can see the entrance and its interior. It is built by 11 vertical stones and a corridor composed of 5 vertical stones, these stone burials were covered by earth, giving rise to the characteristic shape of "mama" which is why is also called mámoa. The excavation was carried out by the archaeologist Ramón Sobrino Lorenzo-Ruza in 1953, where remains of a few ceramic vessels and other materials such as axes and knives were found.

What is a Dolmen?

A Dolmen in the Breton language which means "large stone table".  A Dolmen consists of a megalithic funerary monument with a single chamber, with two or more standing stones and a horizontal stone that is laying flat on top of the rest of the standing stones. They were built during the Stone age by our Neolithic ancestors and at a time when there were no cranes, they figured out how to raise, position, and balance these gigantic stones. These monuments were normally collective tombs where loved ones,  important leaders, were buried along with their personal belongings such as rings, necklaces, breastplates, ceramics, metal utensils, stone utensils, and other types of jewels. It is even said to be a place where rituals were done, so they are more than just tombs, but a place of power and celebrating the connection to the other world, quite mystical when you visit a dolmen! 

Climb to the top of Monte Xaxan Hill with Spectacular 360 Views of Vigo Bay!

Climb with us virtually up a beautiful nature trail, stopping at 2 different lookout points to see from different angles!

Admire the breathtaking 360 views at the top of Xaxan hill, over 600 metres (1969 feet) high. Here we will get stunning views of the metropolitan city of Vigo and the bateas (sustainable mussel farms) scattered in the bay of Vigo. 

Come with us on this live online interactive experience and learn about the Megalithic Funerary Monument of Dolmen of Chan da Arquiña and gazes from the Lookout Points of Monte Xaxan Hill in Moaña located on the O Morrazo peninsula in Galicia, North-western Spain

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  • One Way Video of Live Virtual Walking Tour in English (NOTE: Private virtual walking tours are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet in private virtual walking tour. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
  • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Virtual Guide (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)


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(21 December 2021)
Lovely guides , very knowledgeable. Relaxing tour, well curated . Enjoyed the hocus pocus of the supposedly the magnetic resonance.
(14 December 2021)
Another interesting tour
Lots of history
spectacular views
(14 December 2021)
With a reference from Claudia I had the great pleasure of viewing Sean & Tiernan´s tour. First time tour and it won´t be the last tour for sure. Great weather and awesome postcard opportunities with a fascinating Celtic history within Spain. Well done indeed!