Virtual Hiking Tour of Facho de Donon: A Celtic Hill-Fort, Roman Ruins and Ancient Guardhouse

hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-19.jpg O Facho de Donon - Garita
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-24.jpg O Facho de Donon - Huts
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-04.jpg O Facho de Donon - Hillfort
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-23.jpg O Facho de Donon - Hut
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-46.jpg O Facho de Donon - Stone Altars
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-05.jpg O Facho de Donon - Garita (Guardhouse)
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-31.jpg O Facho de Donon - Village
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-37.jpg O Facho de Donon - Cies Islands
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-20.jpg O Facho de Donon - Cabo Home
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-08.jpg O Facho de Donon - Cies islands view
hiking-tour-facho-donon-celtic-roman-hillfort-guardhouse-27.jpg O Facho de Donon - trail
Live Tour

40 mins. approx.

Cangas do Morrazo

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A virtual hiking tour of O Facho de Donon in Galicia, Spain, an ancient Celtic settlement and Roman ruins. Enjoy a virtual hiking tour led by two local guides to one of the most magical places in the Peninsula of O Morrazo...
  • Virtual hiking tour, to explore an archeological site
  • Panoramic views of Vigo Bay and the Cies Islands
  • Live Interactive chat with our virtual guides



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Cangas do Morrazo
Duration: 40 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: Up to 300 People max. (Private basis on request)
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O Facho de Donon Virtual Hiking Tour

On this virtual walking tour, you will explore the archeological site of O Facho de Donon Hill in Cangas do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain. The Kingdom of Galicia, located in the North-Western part of Spain, and is one of the 7  Celtic Nations (Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Wales, Brittany & Galicia). Come with two enthusiastic local guides Sean & Tiernan to discover one of the most beautiful Celtic settlements and ancient Roman ruins in Galicia. At the top of the O Facho hill, there is a Castro (hill-forts) with breathtaking scenery. Hike with us up to an unspoilt remote area in the Peninsula of O Morrazo, in Donon, on top of a hill at 158 meters high. Get to know the Celtic history and tradition as well as one of the areas that the Romans dominated. On your journey to the top of the O Facho Hill, you will see an ancient guard lookout made of granite called "La Garita", it was used to keep watch of enemy troops that wanted to invade the settlement. It is said that it was also used as a lighthouse to guide the fisherman on their way back home.

A Magical Archeological site dating as far back to 10th-7th Century BC, with a Celtic Hillfort and Roman Sanctuary dedicated to the God Breobreus

Explore a magical place, with remains of the circular stone huts, a sanctuary where the ancient Galicians (castreños/celtic tribes) worshipped the God Berobreus, a god of the Otherworld and beyond. Many people pilgrimaged up the hill and gave stone alters as an offering to the God Breobreus who is known for healing and taking you to the otherworld. On one of the stone altars, there is a Latin inscription... DEO LARI BEROBREO ARAM POSVI PRO SALVTE (GOD BEROBREUS ALTAR SET UP FOR HEALTH/SAFETY). This was a pre-roman (Celtic) Tradition and even some Romans before Cristinaism put up altars as well (Aras Romanas). There is evidence that this tradition dates back farther than the 7th Century BC. This pilgrimage ritual is even way before the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela even to Jerusalem or Rome, because people pilgrimaged here before Christianism!The archeologist recovered over 160 alters and are in the museums of Museo Quiñones de León and the Museo de Pontevedra.

This ancient Celtic settlement and Roman ruins of O Facho is considered one of the oldest Castros (Hillforts) sites in the Northwest Part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Admire the Views of the Beautiful Cies Islands and Bay of Vigo

From the hilltop of O Facho, you will have the chance to admire a beautiful landscape of the tip of the peninsula of O Morrazo, the Bay of Vigo, and the Cies Islands! 

The Cies Islands are an archipelago made up of three different islands: Monteagudo, Faro and San Martiño, on the last island mentioned there are remains of Celtic ruins, said to be one of the last strongholds before the Roman occupation of the area. The two islands (Monteagudo and Faro) are connected by a long strip of sand called the Rodas beach one of the principal tourist attractions of the Cies Islands and considered the best beach in the world according to the Guardian Travel Magazine. They are the greatest treasure of the Bay of Vigo, an amazing national park and one of the most beautiful places in Galicia, which is why the Romans named them "The Islands of the Gods".

Don’t miss the chance to discover an unspoilt part of North-western Spain with a strong Celtic Heritage much in common with the other Celtic Nations! 

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  • One Way Video of Live Virtual Walking Tour in English (NOTE: Private virtual walking tours are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet on private virtual walking tours. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
  • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Virtual Guide (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)


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(6 September 2021)
Very interesting tour of Facho de Donon, not only for the historical information about the ruins but also for the beautiful sunset views, we took an obscene amount of postcards. I hope the flying ants did not bite you guys. There were lots! That was a surprise. Thank you for the additional photos you posted on FB. See you in your next tours and cooking experiences.
(6 September 2021)
Very interesting tour of ancient ruins with beautiful vistas! I really enjoyed this tour and will try other tours with Sean & Tiernan.
(5 September 2021)
Great historical and beautiful spot, a lovely sunset, then a moth attack ?? Fun and interesting location.
(5 September 2021)
Our daughter lived in Lugo for a year (2018-2019). She loved Galicia. I was excited to tour this area with you because she also visited this site. Thank you for sharing all the information/history of this sublime location. Enjoy today.
(5 September 2021)
My first tour with Sean and Tiernan! Very enjoyable and informative…. Excellent!
(5 September 2021)
I loved your tour! I never knew about Galicia. I will look for all your tours. Thank you.
(14 May 2021)
A fantastic tour. Sean has a great sense of how to build up tourist expectations and what to show us and when, so there is always something even more exciting still to come. This tour was a great mix of history, scenery, a sunset, ruins, and an old lighthouse on cliffs with the most spectacular sea and land views. Absolutely stunning and relaxing!
(13 May 2021)
Another interesting tour from Sean and his son. It was a good mix of history, geography and stunning scenery. Thank you.
(13 May 2021)
Great tour!
(13 May 2021)
A great tour of Celtic Spain. Beautiful views with a sunset thrown in for extra measure.
(13 May 2021)
Sean is a lovely young man and a great tour guide. The trip he took us on in Spain showing us the remains of the Keltic huts before the Roman invasion was absolutely wonderful. Something I´ve never seen or was aware of. He has a great knowledge of the history of the times and his views were beautiful. He also explained to us the lives of the people currently living on the island. His partner was also very nice. I look forward to taking more tours with Sean and his partner whose name I forget, for which I apologize...
(13 May 2021)
Sean and his son, Tiernan, are so interesting. Every tour is a pleasure. I hope they´ll do many more!
(13 May 2021)
Beautiful views of a beautiful area and very informative. Thank you!
(19 March 2021)
Fantastic tour, beautiful scenery. Sean is very knowledgeable and also takes care to show the beauty of the place if you want to take photos. Really enjoyed it and will join more of his tours.
(18 March 2021)
A clearly thought, planned tour of the site. Information about the various inhabitants/user of the site concisely and carefully explained and shown. Sean was particularly good at judging the way the conditions on the site might affect the reception for the audience but he needed have worried it was all superb and the weather played for too!
(18 March 2021)
Amazing tour. Breathtaking views. A real treat.
(18 March 2021)
Thanks again for a lovely tour. The views are absolutely spectacular. I love rugged coastlines so I’m excited to visit in person soon hopefully.
(17 March 2021)
Thoroughly enjoyable tour with beautiful views! It was great to learn about the history of the area.
(3 March 2021)
Sean goes the extra mile to show us special parts of Galicia. The pre-Roman celtic hill fort above Donon was spectacular. The site and remains were outstanding, made all the more so by Sean´s explanation. Being on a hill and defensive by nature the views from the site were breathtaking.
(2 March 2021)
always enthusiastic, incredible depth of local information and wonderful and interesting tours
(2 March 2021)
Fabulous trip! Stunning views eloquently shared. I loved hearing about the history and see ruins and the views. It put Donon on my list for future travel! Thank you.
(2 March 2021)
What a good job Sean and Tiernan are fit. They shared so much, not just spectacular views, but the fascinating history of Donon. I would have been totally out of breath, so thank you for your enormous effort.
(2 March 2021)
Our second trip with Sean and Tiernan. This is a part of Spain we knew very little about and much impressed with the scenery. A very moody and atmospheric look at the Celtic ruins today - wonderful views! What a find... the archaeology here is! Well done to Tiernan on his overview of the islands in the distance. Lovely visual aids to assist with comprehension of how the site would have looked. Thank you for allowing us to explore your neighbourhood. Look forward to the next tour!
(2 March 2021)
Who knew this amazing Celtic civilization was here?! We have visited megalithic sites elsewhere in Spain, but this is something special. Combined with scenery, and Sean’s interest in wine and food, I´m ready to book in person!
(2 March 2021)
Wonderful... What amazing views... Sean was most informative. Brilliant... He took time to explain things and to give us the best views for photographs. I will certainly look for more trips in this area with Sean.
(2 March 2021)
It’s always such a pleasure to take a tour with someone who clearly loves what they are showing you— will look for more from Sean and his son!