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Why Travel to Navarre?

Navarre, a hidden gem in northern Spain, attracts travellers with a wide variety of unique experiences where tradition merges with modernity. Often referred to as a crossroads between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Navarre offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and gastronomy. From ancient pilgrimage routes to vineyard landscapes and medieval villages, Navarre and its capital, Pamplona, delight all tourists with their unique charm!

A Journey through the Northern Paradise

Navarre also stands out for its landscapes, which are a symphony of natural beauty. The Navarrese Pyrenees offer stunning opportunities for outdoor sports in a mountainous environment. Hiking, climbing, and skiing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in this region, depending on the season.

The Irati Forest, one of the largest and best-preserved beech-fir forests in Europe, is a paradise for nature and hiking enthusiasts. With its lushness and biodiversity, it offers routes that will captivate you at every step. Still wondering why visit Navarre? Then discover the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, with its unique semi-desert landscape, which provides a different experience and reflects Navarre´s geographical diversity.

Must-See Places and Attractions in Navarre

The region also enjoys a rich history and culture, including the famous Camino de Santiago route that crosses the region, passing through cities and towns with architectural treasures. In Pamplona, the Plaza del Castillo and the Cathedral of Santa María la Real are must-visits. The city is world-renowned for the San Fermín, a festival that attracts thousands of visitors each year to experience the famous running of the bulls firsthand.

Among the things to see in Navarre, the Royal Palace of Olite is another architectural treasure that will surprise you. This medieval castle, with its fairy-tale appearance, offers a journey into the past with its towers and walls. Likewise, the Collegiate Church of Roncesvalles is a place of great historical and spiritual importance, marking the beginning of the Camino de Santiago in Navarre.

Other must-see places and attractions in Navarre include the Zugarramurdi Caves, known for their witchcraft legends and impressive natural beauty. You also shouldn´t miss the Leyre Monastery, with its stunning Romanesque church and panoramic views.

Diversity and Tradition in Navarrese Cuisine

Finally, Navarrese cuisine reflects its geographical and cultural diversity. The region is famous for its fresh vegetables, especially asparagus, artichokes, and piquillo peppers. Traditional dishes such as cordero al chilindrón (lamb stew with peppers) and bacalao al ajoarriero (cod stewed with vegetables) are examples of the region´s rich culinary heritage.

Navarrese wines, especially reds and rosés, are increasingly recognized internationally. Local wineries offer tastings and visits that allow tourists to discover the secrets of Navarrese winemaking. Traditional desserts such as cream-filled pastries and cuajada (milk curd) are the perfect ending to any meal!

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Capital of Navarre: Pamplona
Population: 661,197 inhabitants (2023)



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