The Christmas Lights of Vigo, largest city in Galicia

christmas-lights-of-vigo-largest-city-galicia-5.jpg Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia
vigo-christmas-lights-4.jpg Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia
vigo-christmas-lights-2.jpg Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia
vigo-christmas-lights-5.jpg Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia
vigo-christmas-lights-6.jpg Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia
vigo-christmas-lights-7.jpg Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia
Live Tour

50 mins. approx.


On Request Best Rate

Join a Virtual Live-Streaming Christmas Lights Online Event with two guides (father and son duo!) exploring the city of Vigo. Walk with us along the illuminated streets and admire different Christmas motifs, the Christmas Market, the important landmarks of the city, and much more. It will make you want to visit this splendid city during this time of year!
  • Admire the Christmas Lights, motifs, and much more!
  • Visit virtually the Christmas Market.
  • Learn about the Christmas traditions in Galicia.
  • See the important landmarks of the city through its illuminated streets.
  • Interactive chat with our virtual guides!



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Vigo
Duration: 50 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: Up to 300 People max. (Private basis on request)
Price from: 0.00€


Discover the City of Vigo and the Breathtaking Christmas Lights Scattered through its Streets

Come with us virtually and enjoy a memorable live online event of the Christmas Lights of Vigo, the largest city in Galicia! On this virtual live-streaming tour we will explore the streets and admire the Christmas lights of this beautiful hardworking fishing city. The lights display of Vigo has become a very popular event over other years, and a magical experience where many people come to see the Christmas motifs and walk through the illuminated streets of Vigo.

Christmas motives, lights, ski ramps, ice rinks and much more

On the 20th of November, the major Abel Caballero will give a speech and push the button to light up the city, the Andalusian company Iluminaciones Ximenez S.A which has also lit Christmas in New York, Sydney and other large cities, will be in charge of decorating over 350 streets with 11 million led lights, more than 3,000 Christmas motifs and a thousand illuminated trees. Besides all this, there will be a big snowman, a giant Ferris wheel, the Christmas market skating rinks, and a large ski ramp in the city center.

11 million lights will illuminate the entire planet from Vigo, the largest city of Galicia! 

Prices and Dates

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  • One Way Video of Live Virtual Walking Tour in English (NOTE: Private virtual walking tours are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet in private virtual walking tour. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
  • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Virtual Guide (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)


  • The live scheduled tours are tip-based so if you enjoy your time a donation is always welcome!
  • You will need a computer or phone and an internet connection.




(14 December 2021)
Very nice! I really enjoyed it and the ending could not have been better. Excited about seeing more tours from you! I also love that you both do it together as a family.. very nice to see!
(13 December 2021)
Great to see the team of father and son. this was a wonderful trip they took us on. You can tell they love Vigo City. It was a wonderful Christmas Light Display
(13 December 2021)
Beautiful and informative tour. Thank you for sharing the culture of Galicia
(12 December 2021)
Beautiful lights
(12 December 2021)
Very nice tour love the lights and the food hope to go on more tours real soon
(22 November 2021)
This was the best Christmas tour so far this year. What a great display of lights, exhibits, market stalls and orderly people. It was fantastic! It put us in the Christmas spirit and truly wishing we were there. You two were great at transmitting not only your knowledge of Spanish traditions and culture, but also of what we saw as joy and passion for your trade, your city and your incredibly beautiful province, Galicia. Of course we´re biased but you do an excellent job showing Heygoers the beauty, history and customs of Galicia. All your tours are highly recommended but this one (Christmas lights in Vigo) is so much fun.... we’ll enjoy it again. We’ve already booked it! Gracias Sean, Tiernan and Angie. Great job!
(21 November 2021)
Walk into the spirit of the winter season, where every street is sparkling bright into the evening. A display of all the wonder dressed up in ever changing lights, as the streets are welcome for strolling through and into the market for many delights as Turon a nougat treat and churro with chocolate. A ferris wheel is a big highlight for everyone.
(21 November 2021)
This was my first tour with Sean and Tiernan. They are such great welcoming tour guides They take such an obvious pleasure in what they do. Such a beautiful tour of Christmas lighting and decor. It really put me into the mood for Christmas. Beautifully done! Thank you!
(21 November 2021)
We relay enjoyed your tour and all the beautiful Christmas scenes. Thank you. Look forward to more of your tours
(21 November 2021)
What a magnificent display of lights! Thank you for sharing, me encanto y quiero ir a Vigo. Saludos a Angie.
(21 November 2021)
Lovely tour of the Xmas lights & market around Vigo, both Sean & Tiernan are great guides :)
(21 November 2021)
Excellent and beautiful tour of the Vigo Christmas lights. Thankyou so much
(21 November 2021)
The sights were fantastic! It really got me in the Christmas spirit.
(21 November 2021)
Came in at the end of this tour but saw many wonderful lights.
(21 November 2021)
AMAZING! Your tour really put me in the Christmas spirit!
(21 November 2021)
Stunningly beautiful lights.Thank you.