A Lost Camino de Santiago Trail of O Morrazo: Cornfields, Vineyards & Legends of Witches

lost-camino-de-santiago-trail-o-morrazo-01.jpg Church of San Salvador de Coiro, Cangas do Morrazo
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60 mins. approx.

Cangas do Morrazo

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On this live virtual walking tour, you will have the chance to walk one of the new routes that we have recently scouted here in O Morrazo peninsula of the Rias Baixas. We will talk about the Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) since this walking trail is believed to be one of the variants of the Coastal Way of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago ( Portuguese Way of Saint James)!
  • Walk virtually an unmarked lost trail of the Camino de Santiago
  • See what it is like to walk along the Pilgrimage way fo St. James
  • Learn about the local Artisan Cornbread and Legends of Witches!
  • Interactive chat with our virtual camino guide!



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Cangas do Morrazo
Duration: 60 mins. approx.
Type: Virtual Experiences
Theme: Online Virtual Experiences & Tours
Group Size: Hasta 300 personas máx.
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Live Virtual Walking Tour of The Lost Camino de Santiago in Cangas do Morrazo

Explore virtually the beautiful coastal town of Cangas do Morrazo located in the Province of Pontevedra, Galicia Spain in between the bay of Vigo and Aldan that belongs to “Peninsula do Morrazo”. This destination is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a relaxing holiday far from the bustle of the city. A must-see if you are planning to visit Vigo Galicia. On this live virtual walking tour, you will have the chance to walk one of the new routes that we have recently scouted here in O Morrazo, peninsula of the Rias Baixas. This tour is the second part of the virtual walkthrough of the small charming fishing village of Cangas where you visit the local market learning about the fresh products of Galicia's rich gastronomy and the beautiful church of Santiago de Cangas.

We will talk about the Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) since this walking trail is believed to be one of the variants of the Portuguese Coastal Way of the Camino de Santiago ( Way of Saint James) where it is said that the curious pilgrims came from Vigo by boat to Cangas then followed over the hills of O Morrazo to Pontevedra. You will have the chance to follow their footsteps on this nature walking trail!

Admire the Old Galician Heritage

This walking virtual tour will offer you a landscape full of greenery, follow a beautiful stream on a nature walk with two local guides Sean & Tiernan, see Molinos (old mills) where the cornflour was made for generations, cornfields, old traditional vineyards, and magical Galician enchanted forests. A lush green scenery that captivates its visitors with its tranquility and rich nature. You will learn about the Galician culture and heritage, the traditional way of how the corn is milled, how the vines are tied down, etc... We will also have the chance of doing a virtual tasting of the delicious pan de millo (cornbread) at the Molino de Fausto (the old mill of Fausto).

All this paired with intriguing stories, history, and legends. We will also make a stop at one of the most beautiful churches of the area of Cangas do Morrazo, the 18th-century baroque style church of San Salvador de Coiro. A church with interesting architecture and full of legends of Meigas (witches). It is said that the bells of the tower of this church used to ring by themselves! Learn more about this particular church on this Virtual Walking Tour of The Lost Camino de Santiago in Cangas do Morrazo!

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  • One Way Video of Live Virtual Walking Tour in English (NOTE: Private virtual walking tours are available in Spanish as well. We can do 2-way video via Zoom or Google Meet in private virtual walking tour. Inquire for details regarding a private group)
  • Interactive Chat during the event to ask questions to our Virtual Guide (NOTE: We recommended using Google Chrome)


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(21 March 2021)
A simply delightful walk in nature, along winding country lanes, next to trees, fields, little rippling streams, old rustic houses, with history of the village all the way. All uphill, and we saw Sean working so hard to take us up high to get a wonderful view! A surprising tour, unexpected, and thoroughly recommended.
(22 February 2021)
Great tour. Sean did a great job filling us with information of this area from traditional corn milling, grape vine prep and the livelihood of the locals. Beautiful views and a nice walk on the trail with lovely scenery. A nice change from the usual village/city tours. Thank you.
(21 February 2021)
Wonderful tour. Audio worked great! ( unlike some other tours i was on )
Sean had great suggestions, loved the off the beaten path tour. Im planning on doing a part of the Camino and this is very useful. Thanks!
(21 February 2021)
Thank you Sean and Tiernan for such an uplifting walk in your beautiful countryside. Vines, organic fields, churches, traditional hórreos and El Camino too. I´ll book with you again. Thank you.
(21 February 2021)
Wonderful personality, great command of the history and language.
Having Walked the Camino Portuguese a few years ago, it brought back great memories.
(21 February 2021)
Sean and his son gave an excellent tour of his village in Galicia and the surroundings. Beautiful scenery, wonderful walks, gorgeous church and amazing views. We were meant to go there last September and I’m hoping it will happen later this year. Thank you Sean.
(21 February 2021)
Wonderful! I wasn´t familiar with any part of Galicia and now, I cannot wait to visit. Sean covered all sorts of topics, from regional foods and agricultural practices to history and cultural specifics. Thanks to Sean and his son.
(21 February 2021)
Really interesting trip. Started off as a Sunday afternoon country stroll, with a lot of interesting facts about the flora and buildings, then we went to the 17th-century church, a lot of history there, and along part of the pilgrim trail. I enjoyed it so much I have booked another of Sean´s tours on Friday.
(21 February 2021)
I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and they were both very informative and showed some lovely views. Would highly recommend.
(21 February 2021)
What a pleasure to have a fellow Canadian be my guide today! As I plan on doing the Camino when travel opens, I found this tour very informative.